The Hogeweyk Dementia Village ~ care concept

Co-creators & game changers “The Hogeweyk® paved the way for a new way of care in The Netherlands and has become a great inspiration for others in world who are looking for humanizing care for the growing numbers diagnosed with dementia. Years of experience and gained knowledge results in a clear vision on the futureContinue reading “The Hogeweyk Dementia Village ~ care concept”

A radical new vision for social care

The REAL Centre invited acclaimed author and social innovator Hilary Cottam to deliver the 2021 REAL Challenge lecture, to generate fresh ideas and debate. In the lecture Hilary explores how we can turn current thinking about care and the care system on its head by creating something new, where care is not seen as aContinue reading “A radical new vision for social care”

‘Care 2030’ Vision Paper

Six key priorities or ‘building blocks’ for better care so everyone can age well are set out in a new paper, ‘Care 2030’, published by the independent charity, Hallmark Foundation. Hallmark Foundation has committed to backing Care Home Open Week in 2022 following its success earlier this year. The foundation is one of the foundingContinue reading “‘Care 2030’ Vision Paper”

Older people’s vision for long term care

Helen Bowers et al.  18th Nov 2009   This study examined the experiences and aspirations of these older people and highlights their ambition to increasingly influence decisions about care, support and wider issues such as: Whether or not to move to a care home What helps to enhance their quality of life What is neededContinue reading “Older people’s vision for long term care”