Retirement communities can save health and social care resources

Shirley Hall 9 Apr 19                                               The ExtraCare Charitable Trust has more than 3,800 homes in retirement villages and developments across the Midlands and North of England. The charity’s head of Shirley HallContinue reading “Retirement communities can save health and social care resources”

Holding Back the Years – The Rise of Retirement Villages

11/12/18 A new report from Winckworth Sherwood analysing the demand for retirement villages. While retirement communities are common in the USA and Australia, the UK has not seen demand for these types of communities preferring instead small-scale complexes. This report, commissioned by Winckworth Sherwood and the Housing LIN, explores the views, concerns, hopes and aspirationsContinue reading “Holding Back the Years – The Rise of Retirement Villages”

Retirement Villages – New Zealand

Moving to a retirement village is a big decision — it’s important to get independent advice say the New Zealand government Making the decision When you think about moving to a retirement village you need to consider your needs, preferences, and the costs. Living in a retirement village (external site link) Moving to a retirementContinue reading “Retirement Villages – New Zealand”