Hospice and palliative care volunteering in Finland: How we can further develop a precious asset

NEW SERIES: CELEBRATING THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF VOLUNTEERS IN PALLIATIVE CARE…  Since 1988, volunteers have played a crucial role in hospice and palliative care in Finland. But now, a more systematic approach to develop volunteer training and structures of volunteering in hospice and palliative care is about to start. Our guest writers, Leena Pelttari, Ritva Pihlaja and MirjaContinue reading “Hospice and palliative care volunteering in Finland: How we can further develop a precious asset”

Transition to Care Home Nursing

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Transition to Care Home Nursing is an information resource for nurses working in a care home setting. The resource, written by Queen’s Nurse Sharon Aldridge-Bent, is structured into ten chapters on subjects including the fundamentals of nursing care, safe working and regulation, adults at risk, dementia care, building relationships with family,Continue reading “Transition to Care Home Nursing”

Upcoming online events on social pedagogy

EXPLORING SOCIAL PEDAGOGY CONCEPTS AT TURBULENT TIMES – FREE WEBINAR SERIES Our new webinar series exploring social pedagogy concepts during turbulent times launched on 17th June as part of the International Online Conference with a webinar on the Common Third. (If you missed it, you can watch a recording here.) The upcoming programme includes theContinue reading “Upcoming online events on social pedagogy”

Social care nursing is a unique profession – Covid-19 must not tarnish its appeal   –   Nursing in Practice

Best estimates tell us we have between 42-45,000 nurses working in social care in England. But the official figures tell us of the 15,500 residential homes in England there are not much over 4,000 with nurses – so less than a third.  With increased complexity and the sizable strain placed on nursing homes we mustContinue reading “Social care nursing is a unique profession – Covid-19 must not tarnish its appeal   –   Nursing in Practice”

Supporting older people in care homes at night

Diana Kerr, Heather Wilkinson and Colm Cunningham  29th Apr 2008   Although night-time care forms a significant part of care home provision, little research has focused on this. Night staff are a vulnerable group, receiving less training, supervision and support than day staff, but with high levels of responsibility. This report examines the perspectives ofContinue reading “Supporting older people in care homes at night”

Infection prevention and control training for care homes The Infection Prevention Society has produced a training resource on infection prevention and control in care homes during the coronavirus pandemic Introduction Care home residents are by definition a vulnerable group at risk of serious illness or death if they develop Covid-19, while there is also aContinue reading

Department for Education, Training and developing staff in children’s homes

Messages This research has demonstrated that in a reasonably good cross section of 20 children’s homes with a good or outstanding Ofsted rating, there was a wide array of training and development being undertaken. To a large degree this appeared to be meeting the basic needs of staff working in these homes, even though thereContinue reading “Department for Education, Training and developing staff in children’s homes”

Care home journey | Royal College of Nursing This resource allows you to follow a resident’s care home journey through from pre-admission to end of life, or to simply access individual sections to meet your learning needs and seek clinical inspiration. Each section demonstrates the role of nursing staff when supporting the resident, their familiesContinue reading