Care Homes: How to Provide Your Information Online

Taking the decision to move into care is usually hard, both for the potential resident themselves and their representatives. Given the highly emotional nature of the decision, often precipitated by a sudden decline in health, it means that it can be hard to read and understand information about a potential care home. Consumer law recognizesContinue reading “Care Homes: How to Provide Your Information Online”

Care Homes: How You Should Communicate Your Information

It is never an easy decision to move into care. It is usually a big step, only being finally taken when every other alternative has been explored and exhausted. The decision is charged with emotion;  often being taken by the person’s family at a time of crisis when their relative is in poor health. GivenContinue reading “Care Homes: How You Should Communicate Your Information”

Care Homes: Dealing With Complaints

There are well over 20,000 care homes across the UK. While the majority of residents are happy and fulfilled in the homes they live in and are satisfied with the care they receive, accidents, errors and misunderstandings can always happen. It could be a specific incident, a general complaint about service or a problem withContinue reading “Care Homes: Dealing With Complaints”

Care Homes & Consumer Law: Fair Trading

If you own or run a care home anywhere in the UK, you must ensure your residents are treated fairly under consumer law. This applies to both state-funded residents and those who pay their own fees. Care home owners and managers will need to be very clear about how consumer law applies to them andContinue reading “Care Homes & Consumer Law: Fair Trading”

How a strong Complaints Handling Procedure can provide peace of mind

In amongst the numerous daily duties and routine requirements of running a care home, it is inevitable that, occasionally, things can go wrong, and complaints will be made. When this does happen, it can sometimes result in a disproportionate amount of stress being inflicted on all parties involved. Residents’ representatives are understandably protective of theirContinue reading “How a strong Complaints Handling Procedure can provide peace of mind”

New business guidance released for care homes

Temoor Iqbal writes about a new free online resource from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)  Further info from In the past few years, evidence has been mounting to suggest that UK society is ageing fast. A recent Government Office for Science report revealed that around 14% of us will be over 75 by theContinue reading “New business guidance released for care homes”