Use of dolls

Using dolls in dementia care (doll therapy) Many people with dementia are soothed and comforted by holding a doll or soft toy animal. Read our tips for trying ‘doll therapy’ with the person you care for. How dolls can help people with dementia Tips for using a doll or soft toy with a person withContinue reading “Use of dolls”

The Therapeutic Care Journal

John Diamond summarises what is included this month… “The first paper is by Mark Brady who is a service manager at Amicus Foster Care. In his paper ‘Can Youth Work Underpinned by Therapeutic, Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles Promote Confidence and Resilience?’ Mark writes “In October 2020 I set up several youth groups and activities toContinue reading “The Therapeutic Care Journal”

Readers response to our ‘Care of Young offenders’ Feb 1st edition.

By John Pressley – The Therapeutic Care Journal 1st April 2021 As a former residential child care worker of 35 continuous years and the  Principal of a previous Approved School in the East Midlands region, I found the recent papers on Approved Schools and CHE’s interesting. I have been retired for 14 years, but IContinue reading “Readers response to our ‘Care of Young offenders’ Feb 1st edition.”

Forest View Residential Houses – Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity

Forest View Residential Houses provide nurturing, residential care for children aged between five and twelve. Our two individual houses, Ness and Tay, provide beautiful four and five-bedroom accommodation for children with experience of trauma. Set in Lochwinnoch, a semi-rural village in the west of Scotland, Forest View is surrounded by trees, rugged landscapes and stunningContinue reading “Forest View Residential Houses – Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity”

How can staff help reduce self-harm in a residential setting? By Scott Mitchell – The Therapeutic Care Journal

…action research on low-level self-harm that does not have the intention to take life, or Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI) and how to reduce it in a #residentialcare setting.

Visions of hope: UK care home residents’ lockdown art

Ian comes from an artistic background; he has always been an artist and his children are artists too. It is an important part of his identity and staff at Craigielea care home in Renfrew, Scotland, encourage and support Ian, who is living with dementia, to continue his art work. Throughout lockdown, Ian has drawn everyContinue reading “Visions of hope: UK care home residents’ lockdown art”

A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal

There is one element of most stories that I have come to recognise however. The home provided values, patterns, discipline, in short: a foundation for life. In some ways the life in the home was institutional and therefore different from much family life: becoming a parent with your own children required a good deal ofContinue reading “A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal”