The Therapeutic Care Journal

John Diamond summarises what is included this month… “The first paper is by Mark Brady who is a service manager at Amicus Foster Care. In his paper ‘Can Youth Work Underpinned by Therapeutic, Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles Promote Confidence and Resilience?’ Mark writes “In October 2020 I set up several youth groups and activities toContinue reading “The Therapeutic Care Journal”

Redefining Residential: Trauma-Informed Practice: The Importance of Predictability in Residential Interventions

Adopted April, 2020 “This is the sixteenth in a series of papers by the Association of Children’s Residential Centers (ACRC) addressing critical issues facing the field of residential interventions. The purpose of these papers is to stimulate dialogue and self-examination among organizations, stakeholders, policymakers, and the field. ACRC is the longest standing association focused exclusivelyContinue reading “Redefining Residential: Trauma-Informed Practice: The Importance of Predictability in Residential Interventions”

Therapeutic residential care: A necessary option for foster youth with greater needs

The tide of opinion in the U.S. child welfare arena has been turning against institutional settings for foster youth for some time. A spate of reports of child abuse and improper disciplinary techniques in residential facilities for young people has intensified calls for the elimination of residential care as an option for foster youth. ButContinue reading “Therapeutic residential care: A necessary option for foster youth with greater needs”

Making ratios not relationships

By Beth Jay – The Therapeutic Care Journal 1st April 2021 Reminiscing back to my time as an agency worker working in children’s homes, emotions were mixed. The excitement of a new job, meeting new people, the desire to help looked-after children and young people, and a feeling of accomplishment in getting the work experienceContinue reading “Making ratios not relationships”

Children in Care – a personal reflection

By Ed Nixon – The Therapeutic Care Journal, April 2018 A spiral of inter-generational failed attachments I am not a therapist and have no expertise in that field but I do know, as a social worker and former manager of fostering and residential services that simply caring for children without a therapeutic base is bothContinue reading “Children in Care – a personal reflection”


Residentialism, 29th June 2020, Jonathan Stanley, NCERCC and Residential Forum member Whatever ‘residentialism’ is, it is too important not to be stated as a means of starting its creation. Residentialism does not see itself as right or that group living is superior or supplants any other option for young people in care yet it assertsContinue reading “Residentialism”

A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal

There is one element of most stories that I have come to recognise however. The home provided values, patterns, discipline, in short: a foundation for life. In some ways the life in the home was institutional and therefore different from much family life: becoming a parent with your own children required a good deal ofContinue reading “A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal”

International Centre News April 2020 – The Therapeutic Care Journal

Latest papers: Bob Hinshelwood and Luca Mingarelli , ‘Who do you think you are? – adolescent groups and everyday life’. Colin Maginn writes about ‘a modest proposal to help children public care’ Keith White offers his two regular pieces from his work at Mill Grove. His first, ‘the silence’ explores just that – the valueContinue reading “International Centre News April 2020 – The Therapeutic Care Journal”