Care Home: what do you see?

13th  April 2018, Written by: Residential Forum Trustee, Sharon Blackburn Through my work with the National Care Forum, I see vibrant communities of people living in care homes across the U.K. But people outside of the care sector often perceive things through a different and, in my view, tainted lens. Care homes are seen asContinue reading “Care Home: what do you see?”

Reimagining the Care Home – RSA

‘Boredom’, ‘loneliness’, ‘illness’, ‘isolation’ and ‘uncaring’ are among the words most associated with care homes by members of the public. While only 39% of care home workers would consider moving into a residential home in their own older age.* This reflects a crisis of confidence in the support and care available for older people, butContinue reading “Reimagining the Care Home – RSA”

RSA & The Collective – Co-living and the common good

The RSA is working with the creators of one of the world’s largest co-living scheme The Collective to publish a short collection of essays on the opportunities and challenges raised by co-living. What is co-living? Co-living is a way of living focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to createContinue reading “RSA & The Collective – Co-living and the common good”