A place we can call home

A vision and a roadmap for providing more options for housing with care and support for older people Published: 15 November 2021 This report for commissioners and managers in health and social care develops a vision and roadmap for providing more options for housing with care and support. It is the result of the researchContinue reading “A place we can call home”

Social Care Detention: A Socio-Legal Puzzle

Lucy Series | 13 October 2021 More people are deprived of their liberty in England and Wales’ care homes than any other paradigmatic carceral spaces, including prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and immigration detention. In 2019-20 care homes made 163,215 applications to authorise deprivation of liberty under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS).Continue reading “Social Care Detention: A Socio-Legal Puzzle”

The Supported Living Property Podcast

Lisa Brown discusses all things relating to Supported Living Property Investing. Visit website Available episodes: 3 days ago Chris Wild – The Care Review and property for young people In this episode Chris Wild talks about children’s care system and his concerns for the currently unregulated support provision for young people in care who areContinue reading “The Supported Living Property Podcast”

Care homes of the future could see technology take a leading role in the delivery of care

The report, ‘Silver Chic: The future of retirement housing and care’ contains two computer generated images that depict how care homes could look in fifty years time. (Now 44 years as the report was published in 2015) The designs are complete with ambient monitoring walls, rotating gardens and virtual pets for residents, and are completeContinue reading “Care homes of the future could see technology take a leading role in the delivery of care”

Winterbourne View – 10 years on

This is not just about the ‘Winterbourne View scandal’ but an ongoing system-wide failure. People with a learning disability and/or autism continue to be placed at increased risk because there simply isn’t the right accommodation or support in the community to prevent admission or support people to return home. Read the blog in full atContinue reading “Winterbourne View – 10 years on”

Can retirement communities help solve the social care crisis?

Retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, but could they work as well in the UK, asks David Brindle. 19 April 2021 Selected extracts: ‘Every decision about care is also a decision about housing.’ There’s a lack of clarity about what constitutes a retirement community There are various descriptors in use in addition toContinue reading “Can retirement communities help solve the social care crisis?”

In a galaxy far, far away: ideas for Community Care Apartments

SINGAPORE: A new type of public housing with senior-friendly design features and subscription to care services was launched for sale in February’s Build-to-Order (BTO) exercise. This is an interesting read from East Devon Watch about accommodation with support (Residential Forum) By Cheryl Lin @CherylLinCNA http://www.channelnewsasia.com The flats, known as Community Care Apartments, are for homeContinue reading “In a galaxy far, far away: ideas for Community Care Apartments”

Future options for housing and care

Improving housing that facilitates care and support for older people This is the first report of the Commission on the Role of Housing in the Future of Care and Support. Co-produced with people with lived experience and senior figures in the health, social care and housing sectors, it aims to provide a short overview ofContinue reading “Future options for housing and care”

Finding our own way home – a ‘big’ conversation

The key results from research conducted into the housing opportunities and blockages for people with a learning disability and/or autism. Jointly written by the Housing LIN and Learning Disability England (LDE) and published in November 2020 amongst it’s findings are included: There are now more people in their own home and ‘supported living’ and fewer peopleContinue reading “Finding our own way home – a ‘big’ conversation”

The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within

…a surge in demand for accommodation that allows older people to feel safe and supported in their own homes. The attractiveness of the retirement living model in terms of its ability to flex access to care and health and wellbeing support is central to its success. Read the blog of Nick Edwards, chief operating officerContinue reading “The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within”

Housing and Learning Disability: Transforming care and support

Topics – Resources – Housing LIN For more about how localities can develop a better range of housing choices, download brochure. There are an estimated 930,000 adults with a learning disability in England, 129,000 of whom receive local authority social care support. These pages provide resources, references, tools and outline good practice to ensure thatContinue reading “Housing and Learning Disability: Transforming care and support”

An Inquiry by Social Workers into Evening Routines in Community Living Settings for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Abstract Significant progress has been made since the 1980s in supporting adults with learning disability to live independent lives in the community. In 2012, the Department of Health in England announced the latest policy initiative to further invest in community support for people with learning disabilities, Transforming Care. Building the right community supported living settingContinue reading “An Inquiry by Social Workers into Evening Routines in Community Living Settings for Adults with Learning Disabilities”

A young life cut short – Community Living

residentialforum: “In 2010, the care home changed to supported living. Richard signed a tenancy agreement despite having no proper understanding of what it meant. Families were reassured that, while changes would affect administrative and financial matters, care would remain the same. However, unbeknown to me, changes were made to his care; bowel charts ceased andContinue reading “A young life cut short – Community Living”

Wherever I lay my hat (that’s my #carehome)

Seldom has there been a time when so much has been written about care homes. What is supposed to happen, what people think is happening and what must not happen. Guidance written, ridiculed, ripped up, rewritten and made right – all within a few weeks. Feelings wrenched, relationships stretched, jobs done – loss, grief, loneliness,Continue reading “Wherever I lay my hat (that’s my #carehome)”