The Therapeutic Care Journal

John Diamond summarises what is included this month… “The first paper is by Mark Brady who is a service manager at Amicus Foster Care. In his paper ‘Can Youth Work Underpinned by Therapeutic, Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles Promote Confidence and Resilience?’ Mark writes “In October 2020 I set up several youth groups and activities toContinue reading “The Therapeutic Care Journal”

Home For Good: Successful community support for people with a learning disability, a mental health need and autistic people

Community support for people with a learning disability and/or autistic people can be a complex process. Even more so if people also have a mental health need. Success depends on a concerted effort across multiple agencies working in partnership with the people supported and their families. However, it can and does work, delivering a goodContinue reading “Home For Good: Successful community support for people with a learning disability, a mental health need and autistic people”

Dying in lockdown

Tina Wallace has written a detailed and very personal account of her own day to day experiences, and those of her mother, living and finally dying in a care home, unable to have the normal interactions with friends and family. “The ties that bind are strong and so important. Losing them can literally be aContinue reading “Dying in lockdown”

Watch “Donna’s Story” on YouTube

A Forum reader wrote in on viewing this video: Why are people involved in care homes such as Older People, Managers and staff not having a place at the table and a Voice? They know what is happening, what they want and need for people in their care, We want people who are actually doingContinue reading “Watch “Donna’s Story” on YouTube”

A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal

There is one element of most stories that I have come to recognise however. The home provided values, patterns, discipline, in short: a foundation for life. In some ways the life in the home was institutional and therefore different from much family life: becoming a parent with your own children required a good deal ofContinue reading “A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal”