SWOP: Exploring social work with older people

This research project will make recommendations about how social workers can best support older people and carers, including how they work with other agencies. We will identify how the government and employers can best invest in, support and recognise social work knowledge and skills.  The Residential Forum suggest that some of the aspects of effectiveContinue reading “SWOP: Exploring social work with older people”

John the legend can tame a goldfish!

01 June 2021 By Kat Sowden, Managing Director, Persona Care and Support John can catch a goldfish with his bare hands. It’s one of his strengths. How did I find this out? When the staff at his dementia day service were cleaning out Norman’s tank John decided to help – by thrusting his hand intoContinue reading “John the legend can tame a goldfish!”

People who fund their own social care receive little help to navigate the system – Informative and accessible health and care research

Published on 7 January 2021 People in England who pay for their own social care receive little assistance in making choices, even though arranging care requires a range of skills that they may not have. Adult social care – for example personal assistance in the home or being cared for in a residential home –Continue reading “People who fund their own social care receive little help to navigate the system – Informative and accessible health and care research”

Shannon Hassard

Originally posted on Renegades Escapades:
I only cry watching a certain type of movie. It’s when someone overcomes tremendous adversity to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I can’t stop it, the tears just flow from my eyes as I witness a heroic act: David overcoming Goliath, Joan of Arc leading the French rebellion, Ghandi on…

‘Ambitions for change’

Report on improving healthcare in care homes launched British Geriatrics Society, 10 August 2021 The British Geriatrics Society has published a report aimed at improving the quality of healthcare for care home residents. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on older people, with 35.6% of the 130,000 deaths in the UK occurring inContinue reading “‘Ambitions for change’”

Hospice In Your Care Home – Wigan and Leigh Hospice

About the service When the service first launched in 2015, it was commissioned to support nursing homes, with the aim of expanding to reach out to residential homes over time. Care homes are an increasingly important setting for palliative and end of life care, with around 1 in 5 people in the UK spending theirContinue reading “Hospice In Your Care Home – Wigan and Leigh Hospice”

Home – Unfair To Care

This landmark research indicates many social care workers would be paid up to 39% more – an additional £7,000 – if they worked in other public funded sectors. With the role matching or exceeding the level of skill and accountability as professions such as healthcare assistants, police community support officers, and senior teaching assistants, theContinue reading “Home – Unfair To Care”

Connectedness, Belonging and Children’s Homes to 21

Forum Member, Jonathan Stanley, 16/04/2014 Research consistently shows that leaving care before a young person is ready for independence tends to lead to poor outcomes. “Readiness” is the ability of looked after young people and care leavers to care effectively for themselves, and it covers a range of important, developmental areas: secure, positive social &Continue reading “Connectedness, Belonging and Children’s Homes to 21”

Care homes urged to reduce choking deaths

Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveals that in 2017, 60 residents died directly from choking-related incidents in care homes. In 2016, 60 residents also died from choking, while in 2015, the rate was 62 and in 2014, 53.     Over the last few years, care home residents have died after chokingContinue reading “Care homes urged to reduce choking deaths”

A National Care Home Service

Clive Bowman, December 2018 The green paper still deferred, advisors doubtless once more considering well-thumbed evidence supported by economic expertise in the attempt to find the elusive politically acceptable solution that is sustainable financially. These can be predicted to distill down to who pays for what rather than a broader view of what epidemiologically isContinue reading “A National Care Home Service”

‘Residential children’s home workers are not professionals by any reasonable meaning of that word’

A residential children’s home worker who grew up in care talks about how regulation for children’s home workers can’t come without better training by Jack Brookes  writing in Community Care, June 7th 2018 The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has recommended children’s home staff should have professional registration. This is almost certainly a goodContinue reading “‘Residential children’s home workers are not professionals by any reasonable meaning of that word’”