Getting hospital discharge right

Home to the unknown – key findings “In our day to day engagement, through our operations, we see many examples of good practice initiatives including Multi Agency Discharge Events (MADE), Discharge to Assess (D2A), Home First and hospital – or community-based hospital – multidisciplinary discharge teams. Many are working in successful partnerships with the voluntaryContinue reading “Getting hospital discharge right”

Secure Care Pathway and Standards, Scotland

The Secure Care Pathway and Standards, Scotland were launched on the 5th October 2020. These national standards for secure care set out what support children should expect from professionals when in the community or secure care. The Secure Care Pathway and Standards Scotland will ensure support is provided before, during and after care and thatContinue reading “Secure Care Pathway and Standards, Scotland”

The Promise Scotland’s Response to the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) Interim Report on the Children’s Social Care Market

Published on 22nd October 2021 In February 2020, Scotland accepted the conclusions of the Care Review  in full and made the promise that its most vulnerable children would no longer be profited from: Throughout the preceding 3 years, the work undertaken by the Care Review to ‘Follow the Money’ showed that there are significant amountsContinue reading “The Promise Scotland’s Response to the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) Interim Report on the Children’s Social Care Market”

Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 20 No2

The issue features six peer-reviewed articles, covering topics from life after residential care to applying implementation science to residential care, as well as nine shorter articles reporting on practice or contemporary issues, including the first ever Care Experienced History Month and the UN Day of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and Alternative Care. You canContinue reading “Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 20 No2”

Walking in Fred’s shoes

Hearing and listening to the voice of the child To highlight the significance of the experience of a child, we created the fictional example of a young person called Fred and followed his journey from pre-birth to continuing care to help us to map and understand our current processes. Fred’s journey illustrated what his experienceContinue reading “Walking in Fred’s shoes”

A guide to evaluating services for children and young people using quality indicators

The consultation paper A Common Approach to Inspecting Services for Children andYoung People, published in November 2005, set out proposals for developing andimplementing an outcome-focused, intelligence-led and proportionate approach to theinspection of services for children and young people. It included a development andimplementation timetable leading to the introduction of a coherent system of inspectionby theContinue reading “A guide to evaluating services for children and young people using quality indicators”

The bridge of care:  from present reality to future hope

14th August 2021 by donald.macaskill We have to chase away the falsity of infection prevention practices which negate human living by treating a care home like an acute infection unit. Scottish Care source:

Virtual Care Home

The Virtual Care Home is an online resource that demonstrates dementia-friendly design in care home settings or people’s own homes. Click below to view a larger version with information points on key features: Bedroom Bedroom door Dining room Ensuite bathroom Flat door Kitchen Lounge Dementia Services Development Centre Source: Virtual Care Home | Dementia ServicesContinue reading “Virtual Care Home”

More than a service: the essence of social care

17th July 2021 by donald.macaskill writes…. Two colleagues, Dr Tara French and Imogen Caird, have this past week published what I consider to be one of the best papers on social care reform in Scotland that I have read for a very long time. ‘Time for Change: Conceptualising a National Care Framework’ is not longContinue reading “More than a service: the essence of social care”

Children, food and care

Iriss Insight 22, By Ruth Emond, Ian McIntosh, Samantha Punch and Claire Lightowler Published on 6 Nov 2013 13 min read (3458 words) This Iriss Insight reviews the evidence about how food practices affect children in different care settings, drawing heavily from the experience of children in foster and residential care. However, many of theContinue reading “Children, food and care”

‘I suppose it’s probably time to start looking at a care home, isn’t it?’

by Andrew Maclaren 2021-04-27 We’re a group of researchers, from different disciplines who are working together to try and improve the lived experience of older people. Nearly everyone wants to stay in their own home for as long as they can. But sometimes this isn’t possible, and some people have to start thinking about alternatives,Continue reading “‘I suppose it’s probably time to start looking at a care home, isn’t it?’”

A New Way Home (Scottish Edition)

…a personalised approach to leaving institutions Scottish Edition by Frances Brown and John Dalrymple. Published by the Centre for Welfare Reform in association with Citizen Network Preface ‘… the difficulty of bringing people back home once they have been placed a long way away is so great that every effort should be made to avoidContinue reading “A New Way Home (Scottish Edition)”

Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 20 No1

This is the first 2021 issue of SJRCC and with four original research papers, five shorter articles, and a book review, with accounts from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Canada, and Australia. This issue includes perspectives on the role of informal networks in young people transitioning from care, child rights education for young people involved in childContinue reading “Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Vol 20 No1”

Forest View Residential Houses – Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity

Forest View Residential Houses provide nurturing, residential care for children aged between five and twelve. Our two individual houses, Ness and Tay, provide beautiful four and five-bedroom accommodation for children with experience of trauma. Set in Lochwinnoch, a semi-rural village in the west of Scotland, Forest View is surrounded by trees, rugged landscapes and stunningContinue reading “Forest View Residential Houses – Kibble: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity”

Adult social care: independent review

The Residential Forum makes some specific comments regarding what is said, or sometimes not said, in the Review about care homes in Scotland. Overall there is a lot in the Review that the Residential Forum welcomes, particularly the Human Rights approach. Of concern is that care homes continue to be portrayed as a service ofContinue reading “Adult social care: independent review”