The ChildFair State Inquiry | Children England

Young leaders rethinking the welfare state based on positive ‘5 universal needs’ (Maslow): home, safety, love, health and purpose Source: The ChildFair State Inquiry | Children England

The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within

…a surge in demand for accommodation that allows older people to feel safe and supported in their own homes. The attractiveness of the retirement living model in terms of its ability to flex access to care and health and wellbeing support is central to its success. Read the blog of Nick Edwards, chief operating officerContinue reading “The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within”

A developing journey in residential child care

Abstract This paper explores the development of practice in residential child care, initially within the context of generally negative perceptions of this and the wider care system. Discussion of therapeutic perspectives is set within the context of the development of Care Visions residential services and considers the significance of the Sanctuary Model of trauma informedContinue reading “A developing journey in residential child care”

What to Do About Falls From a Wheelchair in a Nursing Home

If your loved one has fallen out a wheelchair while in the nursing home, this is a situation to address right away by advocating that the proper safety measures be taken. Between half and three-quarters of nursing home residents fall each year. Patients often fall more than once. The average is 2.6 falls per personContinue reading “What to Do About Falls From a Wheelchair in a Nursing Home”