Film Review: My Feral Heart (2016)

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Every so often, a British film-maker delivers a low-budget independent film that far exceeds the output of the famous directors and massive Hollywood studios. ‘My Feral Heart’ is a fine example of that. Directed by Jane Gull, and starring Steven Brandon, this film won fourteen international awards, yet is little-known in…

You wait 3 decades for a review of children’s care and 7 come along at once

22nd March 2021 Jonathan Stanley There is a serious issue to be resolved. There are 7 government or parliamentary reviews that are placing demands on the small residential child care sector. Each demands intense attention by the sector, each is slightly different, and there is overlap. The NCERCC publication ‘Reviewing the reviews from residential childContinue reading “You wait 3 decades for a review of children’s care and 7 come along at once”

Review of Children’s Social Care in England formally launches and publishes early plans

Once-in-a-generation! The Residential Forum will posting a series of items on this Review and various other reviews/initiatives that have appeared simultaneously. These include the Competitions and Marketing Authority, the House of Commons Education Select Committee, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Looked after Children and Care Leavers, the House of Lords vulnerable children inquiry, theContinue reading “Review of Children’s Social Care in England formally launches and publishes early plans”

Adult social care: independent review

The Residential Forum makes some specific comments regarding what is said, or sometimes not said, in the Review about care homes in Scotland. Overall there is a lot in the Review that the Residential Forum welcomes, particularly the Human Rights approach. Of concern is that care homes continue to be portrayed as a service ofContinue reading “Adult social care: independent review”

CMA study of children’s social care provision

The Competition and Markets Authority has launched a study of children’s social care provision to establish why a lack of availability and increasing costs could be leading to the needs of children in care not being met. The study will examine the lack of availability and increasing costs in children’s social care provision, including children’sContinue reading “CMA study of children’s social care provision”

Care Review reports – Independent Care Review

The Care Review has produced seven main reports:   The Promise (and a Pinky Promise for younger readers) The Plan The Money and Follow the Money The Rules Thank you The Promise reflects what over 5,500 care experienced children and adults, families and the paid and unpaid workforce told the Care Review in the hopeContinue reading “Care Review reports – Independent Care Review”

Another Kind of Home: the Skinner Report

by Angus Skinner Social Work Services Inspectorate for Scotland (1992) Another kind of home: a review of residential child care (Edinburgh: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office) Though produced in the shadow of abuse inquiries in England and Scotland, this report by Angus Skinner stands in much the same relationship to the first Utting Report (1991) asContinue reading “Another Kind of Home: the Skinner Report”

‘Opening a New Care Home’

A book review from Des Kelly OBE Ironic, isn’t it, that there are more publications on closing care homes than on opening them! Given the considerable investment that a new care home represents (at least £3m and often much more) this is a significant gap – one which this new guide ‘Opening a New CareContinue reading “‘Opening a New Care Home’”