Metropolitan Senior Living Defined

What We Do | Roland Park Place is the only full-service, accredited not-for-profit Life Plan retirement community in Baltimore City and is a leader in aging services for older adults and their families. Roland Park Place offers premier access to city life coupled with the comfort and convenience of suburban living — all within a beautifully landscapedContinue reading “Metropolitan Senior Living Defined”

Later Living and Retirement Housing

Retirement Housing White Paper: Key Points 1 in 3 members of the public believe retirement housing schemes are synonymous with ‘old people’s homes’  Data shows public perception and knowledge of services skewed to match stereotype of ‘lonely, single older person with health issues  Providers not meeting expectations of the public in service provision  High profile experts fromContinue reading “Later Living and Retirement Housing”

Vertical retirement villages: On the up!

Maarit Heinonen-SmithAssociate Director, IBI Group and Lead for Retirement Living & Senior Care, 08/07/21 Exploring the vertical retirement village concept Vertical villages combine all current living options available to older people in one large development, often vertically, consisting of 250-300 apartments in one development. They offer the full continuum of accommodation with care, from independentContinue reading “Vertical retirement villages: On the up!”

New age living: Can urban retirement villages transform town centres?

Retirement communities in urban areas can release underused housing, relieve pressure on health services and revive town centres. They can also rewrite our social contract with the elderly, argues Guy Flintoft (8 minute read)…read in full at… Source, The Planner:

Is this to be the cross-party decade of housing-with-care?

Just as the expansion of care homes in the 1980s and 1990s and homecare in the 1990s and 2000s was largely driven by pieces of legislation and regulation specific to these sectors, we now need the same for housing-with-care. Read the blog in full at… Source Red Brick:

Understanding supply, demand and investment in the market for retirement housing communities in England

Housing LIN 29/04/21 The aim of this report is to review the existing evidence to provide an understanding of supply, demand and investment in the market for retirement housing communities in England. The report looks at in detail the push/pull factors, taking an extensive tour of latest national policy and guidance as well as localContinue reading “Understanding supply, demand and investment in the market for retirement housing communities in England”

Three reasons retirement rental will save the care home sector

We are being forced to rethink the support and layer of care and crucially properties that sit underneath the care home market whether we like it or not. The provision of care homes and services across the UK is not equal. The supply of care beds varies hugely across the country and does not alwaysContinue reading “Three reasons retirement rental will save the care home sector”

Can retirement communities help solve the social care crisis?

Retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, but could they work as well in the UK, asks David Brindle. 19 April 2021 Selected extracts: ‘Every decision about care is also a decision about housing.’ There’s a lack of clarity about what constitutes a retirement community There are various descriptors in use in addition toContinue reading “Can retirement communities help solve the social care crisis?”

Tubbemoddelen: Innovative participative management model in Swedish nursing homes

AGE Platform Allowing staff and residents to manage the nursing home together and giving older persons the feeling that it is their own home, this is the basic idea of the Tubbemoddelen, an innovative bottom-up management model originally set up in the nursing homes of the municipality of Tjörn, Sweden.   Inspired by the visionContinue reading “Tubbemoddelen: Innovative participative management model in Swedish nursing homes”

Why We Exist | Evermore Mission

At Evermore, we co-create places where older people always have love and companionship, a safety net when they need it, and the ability to lead meaningful lives in the heart of their community. Our households provide a small and homely environment for people who are typically on their own and finding it increasingly difficult toContinue reading “Why We Exist | Evermore Mission”