The dementia pandemic is coming and social care isn’t ready

John Ramsay, founder and MD of Social-Ability, warns that the UK is sleepwalking into a dementia crisis, only accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As the social care sector struggles to keep up with demand, 50,000 people living with severe dementia are expected to be denied a bed by 2030.  Easing the pressure on social careContinue reading “The dementia pandemic is coming and social care isn’t ready”

Transition to Care Home Nursing

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Transition to Care Home Nursing is an information resource for nurses working in a care home setting. The resource, written by Queen’s Nurse Sharon Aldridge-Bent, is structured into ten chapters on subjects including the fundamentals of nursing care, safe working and regulation, adults at risk, dementia care, building relationships with family,Continue reading “Transition to Care Home Nursing”

Frontline best practice for supporting residents in care homes with COVID-19

Jenni Burton: Infographic poster and plain text versions freely available to access and download from:

Housing and Learning Disability: Transforming care and support

Topics – Resources – Housing LIN For more about how localities can develop a better range of housing choices, download brochure. There are an estimated 930,000 adults with a learning disability in England, 129,000 of whom receive local authority social care support. These pages provide resources, references, tools and outline good practice to ensure thatContinue reading “Housing and Learning Disability: Transforming care and support”

New resource to enhance management of Care Home Residents in Acute and Emergency Care Settings

British Geriatrics Society, Dr Jenni Burton is a clinical lecturer and specialist registrar in geriatric medicine in Glasgow. Due to high levels of complex co-morbidity, frailty and dementia, care home residents can be difficult to assess, particularly when they are acutely unwell and in unfamiliar surroundings. The noisy, busy environments in acute receiving units andContinue reading “New resource to enhance management of Care Home Residents in Acute and Emergency Care Settings”

Living well in care homes – RCOT

Keeping active is essential to living a fulfilling life. That applies to everyone, especially older people living in care homes. This resource is for residents, member of staff and care home managers. It offers best practice in supporting older people to enjoy daily activities that support their health and wellbeing. Sometimes it is best practiceContinue reading “Living well in care homes – RCOT”

Care home journey | Royal College of Nursing This resource allows you to follow a resident’s care home journey through from pre-admission to end of life, or to simply access individual sections to meet your learning needs and seek clinical inspiration. Each section demonstrates the role of nursing staff when supporting the resident, their familiesContinue reading

Care Under the Rainbow Online learning materials and films for making #carehomes more inclusive for older LGBT+ people in England and Wales This project produced a research-informed online learning resource for care and nursing home staff and managers in England and Wales that communicates messages for informing practice from recent and current research on Lesbian,Continue reading