Building and disseminating the evidence base on younger people in residential aged care

Falling through the cracks Over 4,100 people with disability under the age of 65 currently live in Australian nursing homes, because they have fallen through the cracks between the hospital, disability and housing services. These people, referred to as ‘Younger People in Residential Aged Care’, have the right, under the United Nations Convention on theContinue reading “Building and disseminating the evidence base on younger people in residential aged care”

Nominated Individuals

The nominated individual is an important role for regulated providers, with a key relationship and responsibility to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). If you’re a nominated individual, it’s important you’re supported to meet your responsibilities. Skills for Care have grouped resources relevant to a nominated individual below, meaning you can always go straight to the informationContinue reading “Nominated Individuals”

A People Plan for Social Care

A comprehensive People Plan for the social care sector created by the sector instead of just for the sector. IHSCM Source: A People Plan for Social Care – IHSCM

The Wellbeing of Registered Care Managers

The institute of health and social care management conducted a snap survey from Thursday December 2nd to Saturday December 4th 2021 to investigate the current situation in regard to the wellbeing of registered care managers. Read the findings and download the People Plan… IHSCM Source: Press Release 6/12/21 – The Wellbeing of Registered Care ManagersContinue reading “The Wellbeing of Registered Care Managers”

Care Home Cymru

Supporting Care Homes and Carers to improve the quality of care for older and vulnerable people across Wales. Care Home Cymru is one of the programmes that sit within Improvement Cymru, and are experts in developing, embedding and delivering system wide improvements across health and social care for the NHS in Wales. We work closelyContinue reading “Care Home Cymru”

Lifelong Links

Aims to ensure that a child in care has a positive support network around them to help them during their time in care and in adulthood. Family Rights Group supports local authorities to implement Lifelong Links with children in care. Training Lifelong Links coordinators, publishing tools and resources and providing consultancy support. Lifelong Links hadContinue reading “Lifelong Links”

Thinking about research in care homes

The Care Home Action Researcher-in-residence Model (CHARM) Framework manual is now available to download: The CHARM Framework ManualDownload A step-by-step guide for care homes to conduct their own research projects An online library of resources from the CHARM manual is provided Here

What is DemECH?

DemECH is a project looking at the experiences of living with dementia in Extra Care Housing (ECH). ECH is a model of housing with care for older people that promotes independent living with the option to take up flexible support as required. Living in ECH involves living in your own self-contained flat or apartment withinContinue reading “What is DemECH?”

Better Security, Better Care

Better Security, Better Care is a national and local support programme to help adult social care providers to store and share information safely. It covers paper and digital records. As a care provider, the programme will help you to evaluate and improve your data and cyber security. This means you can reassure the people youContinue reading “Better Security, Better Care”

What is an intergenerational care nursery like?

There are many well documented benefits of Intergenerational Care to children and the elderly, but what does it look like in practice? ​​Intergenerational care is a program that embraces the younger and older generations by providing care and activities in an environment shared between them. The benefits of an intergenerational care setting are immense forContinue reading “What is an intergenerational care nursery like?”

The dementia pandemic is coming and social care isn’t ready

John Ramsay, founder and MD of Social-Ability, warns that the UK is sleepwalking into a dementia crisis, only accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As the social care sector struggles to keep up with demand, 50,000 people living with severe dementia are expected to be denied a bed by 2030.  Easing the pressure on social careContinue reading “The dementia pandemic is coming and social care isn’t ready”

Transition to Care Home Nursing

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Transition to Care Home Nursing is an information resource for nurses working in a care home setting. The resource, written by Queen’s Nurse Sharon Aldridge-Bent, is structured into ten chapters on subjects including the fundamentals of nursing care, safe working and regulation, adults at risk, dementia care, building relationships with family,Continue reading “Transition to Care Home Nursing”

Housing and Learning Disability: Transforming care and support

Topics – Resources – Housing LIN For more about how localities can develop a better range of housing choices, download brochure. There are an estimated 930,000 adults with a learning disability in England, 129,000 of whom receive local authority social care support. These pages provide resources, references, tools and outline good practice to ensure thatContinue reading “Housing and Learning Disability: Transforming care and support”

New resource to enhance management of Care Home Residents in Acute and Emergency Care Settings

British Geriatrics Society, Dr Jenni Burton is a clinical lecturer and specialist registrar in geriatric medicine in Glasgow. Due to high levels of complex co-morbidity, frailty and dementia, care home residents can be difficult to assess, particularly when they are acutely unwell and in unfamiliar surroundings. The noisy, busy environments in acute receiving units andContinue reading “New resource to enhance management of Care Home Residents in Acute and Emergency Care Settings”