Residential Care and Education for Children and Young People under the age of 18

Ewan Anderson and Norman Cooke – The Therapeutic Care Journal The purpose of this paper is to identify and clarify sectors of Residential Care and Education provision for children and young people under the age of 18. The Children Act (1989) provided vital legislation across the field of residential care and education. It followed earlyContinue reading “Residential Care and Education for Children and Young People under the age of 18”

Adult social care: independent review

The Residential Forum makes some specific comments regarding what is said, or sometimes not said, in the Review about care homes in Scotland. Overall there is a lot in the Review that the Residential Forum welcomes, particularly the Human Rights approach. Of concern is that care homes continue to be portrayed as a service ofContinue reading “Adult social care: independent review”

Thinking about a National Care (Home) Service

The Residential Forum at the recent AGM took the opportunity to refresh itself on some of the issues around the ideas of a national approach to social care and what this may mean for care homes. It has been the topic of debate at Forum workshops in the past and members are keen that theirContinue reading “Thinking about a National Care (Home) Service”

Neighbourhood Residential Living Network

The Residential Forum, Neighbourhood Residential Living Networks Project is about assisting people think through, with their families and neighbours, what matters to them in their lives. Specifically what support and care would benefit their neighbourhood and how they could contribute. Essentially it is a project about collective community forward planning for people’s accommodation and personalContinue reading “Neighbourhood Residential Living Network”


Des Kelly OBE | Residential Forum Trustee | 24 December 2020 writes a seasonal blog: The AGM of The Residential Forum was held on 21 December – by Zoom of course! Maybe it was because members haven’t meet this year but there was an interesting discussion reflecting on events of 2020 and how they haveContinue reading “THINGS WE KNOW TO BE TRUE”

A Lost CARE badge?

Richard Banks, Residential Forum member writes: Today (Wednesday 6 May 2020) it is three weeks since Matt Hancock the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care announced the department was taking over the CARE badge. This badge will be a badge of honour in a very real sense, allowing social care staff proudly andContinue reading “A Lost CARE badge?”

Forum members and supporters express their views and opinions

A collection of views and opinions about care homes and residential care submitted by supporters of the Forum in recent weeks. Prompted by the pandemic and its impact they are personal and not necessarily shared by the Forum or all its members and supporters. Nonetheless they reflect concern for resident and workforce health and wellContinue reading “Forum members and supporters express their views and opinions”

A message from the Residential Forum chair – Dame Gillian Wagner

If I ever had doubts as to whether the Residential Forum still had a role to play, they have been swept away by Covid 19.  How sad and ironic that it takes the tragedy of the deaths in residential care homes for government to realise just what an important role residential care and the careContinue reading “A message from the Residential Forum chair – Dame Gillian Wagner”


RETHINKING LINKS BETWEEN RESIDENTIAL CARE SETTINGS AND COMMUNITIES Des Kelly OBE | Trustee | The Residential Forum | November 2018 This short paper revisits a programme of work which is almost 30 years old to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Wagner Report Residential Care: A Positive Choice (1988), HMSO. However, asContinue reading “MAKING A REALITY OF

A More enlightened approach to Residential Care

A message from Forum Chair Gillian Wagner Ever since the publication of A Positive Choice in 1988, the members of the Residential Forum, which was set up shortly afterwards to ensure its recommendations were not forgotten, have sought to promote high standards of care for children and adults in residential care homes , residential specialContinue reading “A More enlightened approach to Residential Care”