(Dementia Just Ain’t) Sexy: My Biggest Lie

Written by Ming Ho in 2015… I have put off writing this for a long time – an episode I’d rather forget. But as August has come around again, the city familiarly desolate, friends posting happy family snaps from far-flung beaches and villas, I find myself back in the bleak summer of 2011: the year IContinue reading “(Dementia Just Ain’t) Sexy: My Biggest Lie”

Safer food, better business supplement for residential care homes

Food Standards Agency Safer food, better business supplement for residential care homes. This supplement is not intended for use in nursing homes. Nursing homes require other food safety procedures that are not covered by SFBB, for example a full infection control policy. Please remember that the care homes supplement should be used together with theContinue reading “Safer food, better business supplement for residential care homes”

Adult social care: independent review

The Residential Forum makes some specific comments regarding what is said, or sometimes not said, in the Review about care homes in Scotland. Overall there is a lot in the Review that the Residential Forum welcomes, particularly the Human Rights approach. Of concern is that care homes continue to be portrayed as a service ofContinue reading “Adult social care: independent review”

COVID-19 and residential care facilities: issues and concerns identified by the international network prevention of elder abuse

Marie Beaulieu, Julien Cadieux Genesse, Kevin St-Martin The Journal of Adult Protection Publication date: 13 November 2020 Abstract Purpose The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the physical, psychological, social and financial health of older persons. On this subject, the United Nations published a policy brief on the impact of COVID-19 on older persons in May 2020.Continue reading “COVID-19 and residential care facilities: issues and concerns identified by the international network prevention of elder abuse”

Thinking about a National Care (Home) Service

The Residential Forum at the recent AGM took the opportunity to refresh itself on some of the issues around the ideas of a national approach to social care and what this may mean for care homes. It has been the topic of debate at Forum workshops in the past and members are keen that theirContinue reading “Thinking about a National Care (Home) Service”

Finding our own way home – a ‘big’ conversation

The key results from research conducted into the housing opportunities and blockages for people with a learning disability and/or autism. Jointly written by the Housing LIN and Learning Disability England (LDE) and published in November 2020 amongst it’s findings are included: There are now more people in their own home and ‘supported living’ and fewer peopleContinue reading “Finding our own way home – a ‘big’ conversation”

A Positive Future…

1988 and residential services were low in public esteem and those who were concerned that residential care should be of high quality and be properly valued for its contribution were greatly concerned. Hence the Wagner Report – A Positive Choice. Now, 32 years later, Gillian Wagner acknowedges the continuing efforts of the Residential Forum toContinue reading “A Positive Future…”

Thirty-two years of covering social care, and older people are still neglected

Urgent reform was said to be needed to make residential care “A Positive Choice”, which was the title of the review’s two-volume findings. The dateline was March 1988. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/dec/22/thirty-two-years-of-covering-social-care-and-older-people-are-still-neglected?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other


Des Kelly OBE | Residential Forum Trustee | 24 December 2020 writes a seasonal blog: The AGM of The Residential Forum was held on 21 December – by Zoom of course! Maybe it was because members haven’t meet this year but there was an interesting discussion reflecting on events of 2020 and how they haveContinue reading “THINGS WE KNOW TO BE TRUE”

Consequences for the child welfare system in Catalonia

Daniel Ortega Ortigoza, November 2020 in the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Introduction How has the lockdown affected residential centres for children and youths in Catalonia? Several months after the COVID-19 global pandemic began, and after measures were adopted by the governments of the affected countries, we can start to highlight many of theContinue reading “Consequences for the child welfare system in Catalonia”