‘Nothing works’ in secure residential youth care?

Fleur Souverein 2013, Children and Youth Services Review Abstract “A debate about the effectiveness of secure residential youth care is currently going on. While some continue tosupport secure residential youth care, others conclude that ‘ nothing works ’ in secure residential youth care,and argue that non-residential treatment is superior to secure residential treatment. This articleContinue reading “‘Nothing works’ in secure residential youth care?”

Ageing well – meeting the needs of older adults

Published: 14/09/2021, Housing options and alternative modes of living for later life Chapter one provides an overview of the current and emerging issues in relation to housing, modes of living and care for a new and diversifying generation of older adults. It discusses recent developments in the domain of housing and accommodation and how theseContinue reading “Ageing well – meeting the needs of older adults”

SWOP: Exploring social work with older people

This research project will make recommendations about how social workers can best support older people and carers, including how they work with other agencies. We will identify how the government and employers can best invest in, support and recognise social work knowledge and skills.  The Residential Forum suggest that some of the aspects of effectiveContinue reading “SWOP: Exploring social work with older people”

Reimagining residential children’s homes

Published: 23/06/2020, Author: Tucker M This think piece explores decisions, processes and key challenges for those involved in decision-making for children either living in residential care, or for whom residential care is being considered. It is one of three available from Research in Practice as a digital download…It is a Premium Resource – that isContinue reading “Reimagining residential children’s homes”