‘Care 2030’ Vision Paper

Six key priorities or ‘building blocks’ for better care so everyone can age well are set out in a new paper, ‘Care 2030’, published by the independent charity, Hallmark Foundation. Hallmark Foundation has committed to backing Care Home Open Week in 2022 following its success earlier this year. The foundation is one of the foundingContinue reading “‘Care 2030’ Vision Paper”

‘Ambitions for change’

Report on improving healthcare in care homes launched British Geriatrics Society, 10 August 2021 The British Geriatrics Society has published a report aimed at improving the quality of healthcare for care home residents. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on older people, with 35.6% of the 130,000 deaths in the UK occurring inContinue reading “‘Ambitions for change’”

Children’s homes providing short breaks

This study covers: children’s homes providing short breaks only, usually for disabled children short-break-only homes that were active on 31 March 2020 Published 10 August 2021 Contents Background Main findings Introduction Short-break-only homes as at 31 March 2020 Glossary Appendix 1: Methodology and limitations Appendix 2: Data tables for figures Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/childrens-homes-providing-short-breaks/childrens-homes-providing-short-breaks

Resident-to-resident harm in care homes and residential settings

SCIE to look at the research evidence to establish what techniques and practices might be considered best practice in this area of work. Unfortunately, the research review found little in the way of evidence to support good practice in this area. Specifically, this report aims to identify current research, policy and practice about resident-to-resident abuseContinue reading “Resident-to-resident harm in care homes and residential settings”

What is truth? An inquiry about truth and lying in dementia care

This is the report of the major Inquiry about Truth and Lying in Dementia Care, commissioned and funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. There are around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and the ageing population suggests this figure will rise significantly. Around half of these people may be living with different realities. CarersContinue reading “What is truth? An inquiry about truth and lying in dementia care”

Our Care Our Say: “Is this the time people are going to listen?”

The ‘Our Care, Our Say’ report sets out what care experienced people think should be done. This report ensures that the advice from care experienced people is spelled-out loud and clear.  It is hoped by all those who contributed to the survey and event that the views set out in this report will inform theContinue reading “Our Care Our Say: “Is this the time people are going to listen?””

Home – Unfair To Care

This landmark research indicates many social care workers would be paid up to 39% more – an additional £7,000 – if they worked in other public funded sectors. With the role matching or exceeding the level of skill and accountability as professions such as healthcare assistants, police community support officers, and senior teaching assistants, theContinue reading “Home – Unfair To Care”

Providers of housing with care can better support people living with dementia in Extra Care Housing

A report published by the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium, titled provisions for people living with dementia in Extra Care Housing settings in the UK, describes an online survey to explore the provisions, policies and procedures relating to people living with dementia in Extra Care Housing within the UK. Informed by findings collected through aContinue reading “Providers of housing with care can better support people living with dementia in Extra Care Housing”

Covid-19: Official figures “underestimate” deaths caused by discharging patients into care homes

The UK government has admitted that its policy during the early stages of the covid-19 pandemic to have patients moved from hospitals to care homes may have directly led to subsequent deaths. Outbreaks of the virus could potentially be linked to the policy, says a report from Public Health England (PHE), because patients were notContinue reading “Covid-19: Official figures “underestimate” deaths caused by discharging patients into care homes”

Design, Dignity, Dementia: dementia-related design and the built environment

Alzheimer’s Disease International Across two volumes, including 84 case studies, the report looks at design in home/domestic settings, day and residential care, hospitals and public buildings and spaces. The report makes a strong statement that design for dementia is 30 years behind the physical disabilities movement – and that this must change! Source: https://www.alz.co.uk/research/world-report-2020