Open communications in the time of COVID-19

Thought it would be worth circulating this from June 2020 again as things can get fraught on the communications front: (ed) The Relatives & Residents Association and the National Care Forum have created a joint statement setting out shared expectations and good practice on the importance of clear, open and regular communications during theContinue reading “Open communications in the time of COVID-19”

Care homes: consumer law advice for providers

This advice sets out what care home providers for older people need to do to ensure they are treating their residents fairly under consumer law. A short guide to consumer law for care home providers is also available. Care home providers that don’t meet their obligations under consumer law risk facing enforcement action by theContinue reading “Care homes: consumer law advice for providers”

“It’s not what staff do but how they make me feel”: Understanding how care home staff influence quality of care from the perspective of residents and their relatives Understanding “quality” in care homes means recognising that the term means different things to different people. Our study focuses on how staff influence quality in care homes.1Continue reading