‘Opening a New Care Home’

residentialforum: A book review from Des Kelly OBE Ironic, isn’t it, that there are more publications on closing care homes than on opening them! Given the considerable investment that a new care home represents (at least £3m and often much more) this is a significant gap – one which this new guide ‘Opening a NewContinue reading “‘Opening a New Care Home’”

When life gives us lemons, we make lemon drizzle cake…

Registered manager Felicity White looks at how they made the most of 7 acres of gardens where people could enjoy the outdoors safely. Felicity is also Co-Chair of the Skills for Care Registered Manager Network in Mid Kent. When life gives us lemons, we make lemon drizzle cake…

Care Home Manager accountability – legal vs organisational. Never the twain shall meet?

First Published by Liam Palmer, Elderly Care Specialist, Leadership Coach and Author May 10th 2018 on LinkedIn                               One of the things I love about the development of the CQC legislation on “registered manager” is that the individual is held to accountContinue reading “Care Home Manager accountability – legal vs organisational. Never the twain shall meet?”

Lionising the Rare Beasts

 – of paragons, unicorns, duck-billed platypuses and groundhogs John Kennedy @johnnycosmos says we are searching for some ‘rare beasts’ to manage care homes – the Paragon or ‘outstanding individual’. Even rarer is the Unicorn organisation which creates a culture for outstanding homes on limited resources. He says there are too many duck-billed platypuses having ‘GroundhogContinue reading “Lionising the Rare Beasts”

Your July 2017 registered manager newsletter

Hello and welcome to the July edition of your membership newsletter. This month, your ‘Spotlight on…’ features member, David Morgan who talks about his experiences as a registered manager and how this has changed over the course of his career. David provides us with an interesting insight into how managing several services presents its ownContinue reading “Your July 2017 registered manager newsletter”

Registered Managers’ Membership Forum

Registered Managers are commonly the lead professionals in care home and home care services, with wide-ranging and demanding responsibilities. They have a pivotal leadership role and play a central part in ensuring that people who use services experience high quality care and support. Through registered manager membership, we can help you make even more ofContinue reading “Registered Managers’ Membership Forum”