Tell me more

Care home resident engagement project The Tell Me More Project, funded by Welsh Government is all about reaching into care home settings and hearing from the residents so they can share their experiences and hopes for the future. The project recorded people’s voices via Zoom video and resident’s faces in the form of 2D andContinue reading “Tell me more”

SWOP: Exploring social work with older people

This research project will make recommendations about how social workers can best support older people and carers, including how they work with other agencies. We will identify how the government and employers can best invest in, support and recognise social work knowledge and skills.  The Residential Forum suggest that some of the aspects of effectiveContinue reading “SWOP: Exploring social work with older people”

Digital Home project

You can download an app and virtually explore The Home – a fictional residential care home provider. Meet the residents and staff, play games, watch short films and even cross the portal to explore what a Japanese care home is like. ⁠ Head over to to find out more! ⁠ Source:

Rights Made Real reports showcase importance of human rights in care homes in Scotland

The Rights Made Real in Care Homes was established in 2019, with the Life Changes Trust investment of £135,000 to support seven projects across Scotland to promote the inclusion and participation of care home residents with dementia in a meaningful way. Each of the seven projects, which took place within care home settings across Scotland,Continue reading “Rights Made Real reports showcase importance of human rights in care homes in Scotland”

Neighbourhood Residential Living Network

The Residential Forum, Neighbourhood Residential Living Networks Project is about assisting people think through, with their families and neighbours, what matters to them in their lives. Specifically what support and care would benefit their neighbourhood and how they could contribute. Essentially it is a project about collective community forward planning for people’s accommodation and personalContinue reading “Neighbourhood Residential Living Network”

Skeleton Science and the Older Generation

The Millings Residential Care Home, Bedale, in North Yorkshire This pilot study was funded by Durham University and included short talks on archaeology, including how archaeological sites are discovered and excavated, and the different specialisms, including pottery, animal and plant remains, and human skeletons. Local sites of interest were included in discussions, and especially referencesContinue reading “Skeleton Science and the Older Generation”