Despite License Denials, Nursing Homes Can Keep Operating In California

The pandemic has highlighted poor care in America’s nursing homes, where nearly 175,000 people have died of COVID-19 — a third of all deaths in the country. Even before the pandemic, advocates pointed to dangerous conditions in U.S. nursing homes, including staffing shortages and infection control failures. Many nursing homes didn’t provide quality care, theyContinue reading “Despite License Denials, Nursing Homes Can Keep Operating In California”

Seniors and staff caught in the middle of nursing homes’ quest for profit

The cycle of buying and selling care homes has led to shortcuts, closures, even fraud – and imperiled vulnerable residents’ health. Read in full here. Sourced from the Guardian July 2020: Elders in residence A series on the longstanding failures heightened by Covid-19 in American nursing homes. More from this series

Why we need a publicly owned care service

Residential Forum member Gillian Daley: The ‘problem of social care’ is currently perceived to be a problem of funding. As such, the funding question dominates policy-thinking and public debate. The central concern of this article, however, is broader. It focuses on the essential nature of social care, particularly its structure, quality and sectoral location –Continue reading “Why we need a publicly owned care service”