Build Back Better – a Plan for Health and Social Care

Besides the much publicised guff about health and social care funding … the Residential Forum may find the following paragraphs interesting: 40 – the end of private payers cross subsidising publicly funded residents? 49a – the exclusion of care home managers from “professional” development – they mean social workers, nurses and OTs here? 55c –Continue reading “Build Back Better – a Plan for Health and Social Care”

Efficient/effective commissioning | “Death by Paperwork”

The Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers (NAFP), Independent Children’s Home Association (ICHA) and the National Association of Independent Schools and Non-Maintained Special Schools (NASS) represent over 400 providers of children’s services, meeting the needs of over 17,500 children. A joint survey by the three providers’ organisations in 2012 highlighted faults in local authority procurement ofContinue reading “Efficient/effective commissioning | “Death by Paperwork””

Where is the customer in residential care services?

Des Kelly OBE, Trustee of the Residential Forum, reflects on a workshop that asked whether the residential care market was a myth or reality.  He shares the flavour of contributions and concludes that the customer can easily get overlooked in the worlds of regulation, commissioning and procurement. I admit I wasn’t sure that ‘Residential careContinue reading “Where is the customer in residential care services?”

Demand in the Residential Care Market – a personal perspective

Brendan Johnston, the Retired Chief Executive at Northern Ireland Social Care Council and Residential Forum member asks some questions about the supply and demand for residential care. At the Residential Forum in May 2017, we were looking at how we get the best and most appropriate residential care using the market.  Markets are shaped byContinue reading “Demand in the Residential Care Market – a personal perspective”