Differences between assisted living homes and nursing homes

The infographic, whilst part of marketing the assisted living services, shows up the differences in the USA as not being the same as between care homes with and without nursing in the UK. (Residential Forum is thinking about the future of residential care in the UK) Source: https://ecogreenlove.com/2020/11/17/assisted-living-nursing/

Care home concerns

“One from the Archive“, Community Care 2001. (Residential Forum) “The new inspection and regulation regime for care homes will mean a major shake-up of the sector. It will also cast light on the efficacy or otherwise of private public partnerships, says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.” “The aim is not to cause chaos in the sector but toContinue reading “Care home concerns”

Why we need a publicly owned care service

Residential Forum member Gillian Daley: The ‘problem of social care’ is currently perceived to be a problem of funding. As such, the funding question dominates policy-thinking and public debate. The central concern of this article, however, is broader. It focuses on the essential nature of social care, particularly its structure, quality and sectoral location –Continue reading “Why we need a publicly owned care service”