COVID‐19 and care homes in England: What happened and why?

Mary Daly First published: 28 August 2020 Abstract In the context of very high mortality and infection rates, this article examines the policy response to COVID‐19 in care homes for older people in the UK, with particular focus on England in the first 10 weeks of the pandemic. The timing and content of the policyContinue reading “COVID‐19 and care homes in England: What happened and why?”

The long and the short of it

Care homes needs short term support to get through Covid-19 and a long-term plan afterwards says Simon Bottery. Asked in 1972 about the impact of the French Revolution, the Chinese leader Zhou Enlai is famously supposed to have said: ‘It is too early to tell’. Read the blog in full here at Care Talk:

Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world

Jill Manthorpe and Steve Iliffe, BMJ, 18 January 2021 We need public and political consensus about long term options Our population is not ageing well. The proportion of older people affected by medium to high disability in England is increasing, but social care cannot meet their needs and seems curiously separate from the NHS. ItContinue reading “Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world”

Latest posts & projects from

The International Long-Term Care Policy Network has a list of resources to support community and institutional Long-Term Care responses to COVID-19. The latest posts include a study of care home visiting arrangement during COVID-19 and a project looking at the experiences and support needs of caregivers of assisted living residents.

COVID-19: visiting long-term care homes | Ontario, Canada

From Ontario, Canada there are points of learning for those devising visiting policy, procedure and practice. The policy that long-term care homes must follow is to protect residents, staff and visitors and includes sections as follows: Introduction Guiding principles LTC home responsibilities Types of visitors Access to homes Screening Essential Visitors General Visitors Managing SafeContinue reading “COVID-19: visiting long-term care homes | Ontario, Canada”

Children in Charge: the original proposal

Download the full paper: Children in Charge This paper, from November 2016, is an attempt at rethinking the systemic problems facing the funding and commissioning of care services and placements for children in need of care and adoption, across ALL types and specialisms of placement, from kinship care, through foster care, to residential care andContinue reading “Children in Charge: the original proposal”

Care homes need our support in the covid-19 era and beyond

David Oliver: in The BMJ, November 27, 2020 What do care homes have to do to get a break in England right now? Read in full at source:

The impact of COVID-19 on social care workers’ workload, wellbeing and ability to provide care safely

Findings from the UK – Resources to support community and institutional Long-Term Care responses to COVID-19 The analysis of this survey points to many important issues that require immediate policy attention. The evidence of increased workload, stress and feelings of being unsafe at work calls for practice strategies and guidance to support care workers’ wellbeingContinue reading “The impact of COVID-19 on social care workers’ workload, wellbeing and ability to provide care safely”

Commission to consider role of housing in care and support

A commission has been set up with the aim of influencing government thinking on its long-term plan for social care. It will review progress of the 2014 Commission on Residential Care’s recommendations, take into account Covid-19, and consider services such as care homes and housing with care. The Commission on the Role of Housing inContinue reading “Commission to consider role of housing in care and support”