What is the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium?

Why might you want to join Dementia is a major challenge for all of us and has escalated in importance on the public policy agenda. With the right support and early diagnosis people living with dementia can have a good quality of life. We know housing is a major part of the solution to livingContinue reading “What is the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium?”

Older Australians need more housing choices

Keryn Curtis, October 16, 2020 “…cohousing needs to be a serious option in the housing mix and it needs to be supported by planning policy and business leadership.” More choices needed With due respect to the retirement village industry, the reality is, if you are living in your family home and would like to ‘rightsize’Continue reading “Older Australians need more housing choices”

So, what is The Plan…?

Residential Forum member, Nadra Ahmed, blog in Care Talk, November 2021 ……. The view that social care addresses social needs only is outdated and must be challenged. So, before we can progress to contemplating how it is fixed, we have to understand how and why it ‘broke’! The role of social care historically, has beenContinue reading “So, what is The Plan…?”

Secure Care Pathway and Standards, Scotland

The Secure Care Pathway and Standards, Scotland were launched on the 5th October 2020. These national standards for secure care set out what support children should expect from professionals when in the community or secure care. The Secure Care Pathway and Standards Scotland will ensure support is provided before, during and after care and thatContinue reading “Secure Care Pathway and Standards, Scotland”

Barrier Free Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare aims to make care facilities a ‘living place’ for people with disabilities The Japanese government intends to make residential care facilities a form of “living place” and promote the transition of residents to the community and the use of private rooms. Read the story in full and the blogContinue reading “Barrier Free Japan”

Social Care Detention: A Socio-Legal Puzzle

Lucy Series | 13 October 2021 More people are deprived of their liberty in England and Wales’ care homes than any other paradigmatic carceral spaces, including prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and immigration detention. In 2019-20 care homes made 163,215 applications to authorise deprivation of liberty under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS).Continue reading “Social Care Detention: A Socio-Legal Puzzle”

Congregate Care, Residential Treatment and Group Home, State Legislative Enactments 2014-2019

10/30/2020 Just over 400,000 American children live in foster care, and some 55,000 reside in group homes, residential treatment facilities, psychiatric institutions and emergency shelters. This type of placement—called “congregate care”—may be beneficial for children who require short-term supervision and structure because their behavior may be dangerous. However, many officials believe that children who don’t needContinue reading “Congregate Care, Residential Treatment and Group Home, State Legislative Enactments 2014-2019”

A dream come true – no more residential care?

Frank Ainsworth A corrective note: 2005 This note is about the attempt by the Australian State and Territory child care and protection systems to do without residential programmes. It traces the process of moving to this position and the historical and policy imperatives that supported this service direction. It also outlines the consequences of the absence of 24Continue reading “A dream come true – no more residential care?”

Housing with care must be at the centre of social care reform

The present situation is extremely urgent. Extra Care housing is facing a looming crisis as supply fails to keep up with demand. Of the 400,000 short fall in older people’s housing units by 2030, 61,000 of these will be Extra Care. It is not just service users who will miss out if this situation isContinue reading “Housing with care must be at the centre of social care reform”

Powers of attorney, care homes, best interests and deprivation of liberty

Read what Alex Ruck Keene had to say on this topic on 7 March 2016… Mental capacity law and policy source: https://www.mentalcapacitylawandpolicy.org.uk/powers-of-attorney-care-homes-best-interests-and-deprivation-of-liberty/

The Care Experienced ‘diaspora’

Jul 27, 2021 | Sean #CEP “A diaspora is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale. Typically characterised by the Jewish experience or those of Scots/Irish, African or Romany heritage. That is, large scale populations that have emigrated or dispersed and have most often become forever separated from their roots. IContinue reading “The Care Experienced ‘diaspora’”

Structural discrimination and abuse: COVID-19 and people in care homes in England and Wales

Jonathan Parker, The Journal of Adult Protection Article publication date: 15 February 2021 The purpose of this paper is to explore the significant and high death toll of COVID-19 on care home residents and social care staff in England and Wales. These mortality figures, alongside differential treatment of residents and staff during the pandemic, areContinue reading “Structural discrimination and abuse: COVID-19 and people in care homes in England and Wales”

Social care is a prisoner of its history

David Brindle is a care sector commentator and former public services editor of the Guardian. His opinion for Social Care Today, 19 July 2021…. Social care is in many ways a prisoner of its history. Serial failure by governments of the past 25 years to put it on a sustainable footing is ascribed usually to politicalContinue reading “Social care is a prisoner of its history”

“Could an Increased Focus on Identity Development in the Provision of Children’s Services Help Shape Positive Outcomes for Care Leavers?”

A Literature Review: Child Care in Practice: Vol 24, No 1, Published online: 16 Aug 2016, Lara Ferguson “Children’s Services in this review is taken to mean all agencies involved in the provision of services to children and young people in and leaving care. Although outcomes for children in care have improved in recent years,Continue reading ““Could an Increased Focus on Identity Development in the Provision of Children’s Services Help Shape Positive Outcomes for Care Leavers?””

Is this to be the cross-party decade of housing-with-care?

Just as the expansion of care homes in the 1980s and 1990s and homecare in the 1990s and 2000s was largely driven by pieces of legislation and regulation specific to these sectors, we now need the same for housing-with-care. Read the blog in full at… Source Red Brick: https://redbrickblog.co.uk/2021/05/is-this-to-be-the-cross-party-decade-of-housing-with-care/