The long and the short of it

Care homes needs short term support to get through Covid-19 and a long-term plan afterwards says Simon Bottery. Asked in 1972 about the impact of the French Revolution, the Chinese leader Zhou Enlai is famously supposed to have said: ‘It is too early to tell’. Read the blog in full here at Care Talk:

What happens if a care home closes?

There are different reasons why a care home may have to close permanently, perhaps because the building’s facilities are outdated or for financial reasons. Most care home closures are planned and residents will be consulted and informed well in advance. Closing a care home at short notice is rare Independent Age guide How to findContinue reading “What happens if a care home closes?”

Reimagining residential children’s homes – Commissioning children’s homes: Potential improvements and reforms (2020)

Published: 24/04/2020 | Author: Evans K Introduction This series of publications explores key issues identified by strategic planners, policy-makers and practitioners. It provides insights into current debates, research findings, practice developments and user experiences to inform the development of the residential children’s care sector. The series will be of particular interest to strategic leaders, commissionersContinue reading “Reimagining residential children’s homes – Commissioning children’s homes: Potential improvements and reforms (2020)”

Neighbourhood Residential Living Network

The Residential Forum, Neighbourhood Residential Living Networks Project is about assisting people think through, with their families and neighbours, what matters to them in their lives. Specifically what support and care would benefit their neighbourhood and how they could contribute. Essentially it is a project about collective community forward planning for people’s accommodation and personalContinue reading “Neighbourhood Residential Living Network”

Look beneath headlines – new homes are from small and new providers not from the large ones

NCERCC Blog Read in full at Source: Look beneath headlines – new homes are from small and new providers not from the large ones. – NCERCC

Clear demand for housing and care options

Source Laing Buisson News: Clear demand for housing and care options, says ARCO – LaingBuisson News Nine in ten people want to see the government widen housing options for older people, with almost three-quarters interested in an alternative to a care home if they need support. More than half of older people are interested inContinue reading “Clear demand for housing and care options”

A care home is a home

Richard Banks is leading for the Residential Forum on an approach to neighbourhood planning of accommodation and lifestyle options including group and assisted living.  He writes in the light of recent exposure of abuses and aware of the consequences of years of austerity, but finds some ‘reasons to be cheerful’ about residential care.  Residential careContinue reading “A care home is a home”

Guidance on housing for older and disabled people – Resource Library

The need to provide housing for older people is critical. People are living longer lives and the proportion of older people in the population is increasing. In mid-2016 there were 1.6 million people aged 85 and over; by mid-2041 this is projected to double to 3.2 million. Offering older people a better choice of accommodationContinue reading “Guidance on housing for older and disabled people – Resource Library”