Vertical retirement villages: On the up!

Maarit Heinonen-SmithAssociate Director, IBI Group and Lead for Retirement Living & Senior Care, 08/07/21 Exploring the vertical retirement village concept Vertical villages combine all current living options available to older people in one large development, often vertically, consisting of 250-300 apartments in one development. They offer the full continuum of accommodation with care, from independentContinue reading “Vertical retirement villages: On the up!”

Neighbourhood Residential Living Network

The Residential Forum, Neighbourhood Residential Living Networks Project is about assisting people think through, with their families and neighbours, what matters to them in their lives. Specifically what support and care would benefit their neighbourhood and how they could contribute. Essentially it is a project about collective community forward planning for people‚Äôs accommodation and personalContinue reading “Neighbourhood Residential Living Network”

Activities for Elderly People in Care Homes

Jennifer Stone writing in 2017 From my time running a care home, I learned that listening to other people’s ideas can really improve the systems you have in place. The days when nursing homes sat all their residents around the perimeter of a lounge with a TV on in the corner that they could neitherContinue reading “Activities for Elderly People in Care Homes”

Tips on How to Offer Choice to the Elderly in Care

Jennifer Stone writing in 2012 Many elderly people who move into care homes are suddenly faced with very few choices in how to live their lives. They are told when to get up in the morning, and when to go to bed, what to eat and when, what they are expected to do throughout theContinue reading “Tips on How to Offer Choice to the Elderly in Care”