OUTSTANDING SOCIETY: Achieving an Outstanding in ‘Safe’

With less than 0.5% of homes currently rated Outstanding in ‘Safe’ KLOE, Director of the Outstanding Society, Zoe Fry, asks what does ‘safe’ look like? Read in full at…. Source Care Home Professional: https://www.carehomeprofessional.com/outstanding-society-achieving-an-outstanding-in-safe/ To find out more visit http://www.theoutstandingsociety.co.uk or email info@theoutstandingsociety.co.uk

Castleford House Nursing Home – Best Care Home Practice

Story of shaking up Lifestyles team at Castleford House Nursing Home “people don’t come here to die – they come here to continue to live.” Shock Exasperation Change Evolution Read in full at source: https://outstandingcarehomes.co.uk/tips-to-become-outstanding/care-home-best-practice-castleford-house-nursing-home/

Lionising the Rare Beasts

 – of paragons, unicorns, duck-billed platypuses and groundhogs John Kennedy @johnnycosmos says we are searching for some ‘rare beasts’ to manage care homes – the Paragon or ‘outstanding individual’. Even rarer is the Unicorn organisation which creates a culture for outstanding homes on limited resources. He says there are too many duck-billed platypuses having ‘GroundhogContinue reading “Lionising the Rare Beasts”

‘In Our Own Words’ – What makes the Manager of an ‘Outstanding’ residential care home?

residentialforum: Right now, less than 1% of the residential care homes for older people in England have an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating. In the last couple of years there has been an increasing focus on what it takes to achieve this coveted rating. Article Consulting Ltd, working with our partners at The Judgement Index, undertook groundContinue reading “‘In Our Own Words’ – What makes the Manager of an ‘Outstanding’ residential care home?”