Multi-building children’s homes: creating more capacity in the system

Posted by: Yvette Stanley, Posted on: 1 October 2021 – Categories: children’s homes Yvette Stanley, Ofsted’s National Director for Regulation and Social Care, explains plans for multi-building registrations of children’s homes. The care system is under pressure. Places to live for children with the most complex needs are scarce, and often not where they areContinue reading “Multi-building children’s homes: creating more capacity in the system”

Introduction to children’s homes

When and how to register with Ofsted if you want to open or manage a children’s home or secure children’s home. GOV.UK Source:

Ofsted data on childrens homes…

Kevin Gallagher • 1st MD: Amberleigh Care Ltd, Director: The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities, Organisational Consultant, PhD researcher Just reviewing some of the recent Ofsted data on childrens homes by sector (private, state and 3rd) looking at both the % proportion of homes, but also the % proportion of beds. I’m very engaged in thisContinue reading “Ofsted data on childrens homes…”

Children’s homes providing short breaks

This study covers: children’s homes providing short breaks only, usually for disabled children short-break-only homes that were active on 31 March 2020 Published 10 August 2021 Contents Background Main findings Introduction Short-break-only homes as at 31 March 2020 Glossary Appendix 1: Methodology and limitations Appendix 2: Data tables for figures Source:

The sufficiency enigma

This short paper written by Independent Children’s Home Association’s deputy CEO, Elizabeth Cooper, is being shared in the hope of it stimulating further discussion between all parties looking to improve the sufficiency of care placements for children. The residential childcare sector is known to have insufficient capacity to meet the needs of the children comingContinue reading “The sufficiency enigma”

Children’s social care questionnaires 2021

Summary of findings This year, we received over 7,400 more responses to the survey from all audience types than we did last year. The number of responses from children was more or less the same as last year. While a lot of children said that they would like COVID-19 (coronavirus) to ‘go away’, they commentedContinue reading “Children’s social care questionnaires 2021”

Proposed national standards for unregulated accommodation

A consultation on the proposals, published on 24 May 2021, lists four standards – leadership and management, protection, accommodation, and support. Deadline: The consultation closes on 19 July 2021. CYP Now Source:

The education of children living in children’s homes

Background This study covers: the full range of school-aged children living in children’s homes, including those attending primary schools, secondary schools and further education and skills (FES) providers a wide range of educational provision types, including state-funded, independent, mainstream and special education provisions the period between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019 Main findingsContinue reading “The education of children living in children’s homes”

Secure children’s home scheme aims to help young people ‘transition’ back into the community

An innovative new scheme could be launched at a secure children’s home to help young people transition back into their communities. Aycliffe Secure Centre, which is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, provides a secure and caring home for young people between the ages of 10 and 18 with a range of complex problems and vulnerabilities. ThisContinue reading “Secure children’s home scheme aims to help young people ‘transition’ back into the community”

Charity Inquiry: The Royal National Institute of Blind People (226227) and RNIB Charity (1156629) – GOV.UK

This statutory inquiry report from the Charity Commission from June 2020 is worth a read. If you are a Trustee of a charity providing care home or children’s homes it is a tour de force of the must do aspects of governance. Conclusions The opening of the Commission’s inquiry into RNIB and RNIB Charity, andContinue reading “Charity Inquiry: The Royal National Institute of Blind People (226227) and RNIB Charity (1156629) – GOV.UK”

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for children’s social care services

The independent visitor has an important safeguarding role for children, when their access to other independent people may be limited. Independent visitors can still carry out their visits on site, if they are able to, and can safely practice social distancing. The change to regulation 44 of the Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015 provides greaterContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for children’s social care services”

Department for Education, Training and developing staff in children’s homes

Messages This research has demonstrated that in a reasonably good cross section of 20 children’s homes with a good or outstanding Ofsted rating, there was a wide array of training and development being undertaken. To a large degree this appeared to be meeting the basic needs of staff working in these homes, even though thereContinue reading “Department for Education, Training and developing staff in children’s homes”