Enhancing the health of care home residents

Health and social care professionals, including care home staff, work together in a multidisciplinary team to provide care to residents. Find out how the NHS England, Enhanced Health in Care Homes programme is making a difference to residents like Magdalena.

Housing with care must be at the centre of social care reform

The present situation is extremely urgent. Extra Care housing is facing a looming crisis as supply fails to keep up with demand. Of the 400,000 short fall in older people’s housing units by 2030, 61,000 of these will be Extra Care. It is not just service users who will miss out if this situation isContinue reading “Housing with care must be at the centre of social care reform”

Workforce challenges in social care

Charles Armitage, Jul 27·5 min read Writing on Medium, Charles Armitage says: “In the last few weeks, things have changed across social care. A number of new dynamics have emerged that, when taken together, are creating the perfect recruitment and retention storm. Every care provider I’ve spoken to over the past few weeks has toldContinue reading “Workforce challenges in social care”

Health is made at Home: Hospitals are for Repairs

This new book by former NHS supremo, Lord Nigel Crisp, is all about creating health in the home, the workplace, the school, the community and wider society. Creating the conditions for people to be healthy and helping them to be so. https://www.housinglin.org.uk/Topics/type/Health-is-made-at-Home-Hospitals-are-for-Repairs/ Click here to purchase a copy (opens new window)

COVID‐19 and care homes in England: What happened and why?

Mary Daly First published: 28 August 2020 https://doi.org/10.1111/spol.12645 Abstract In the context of very high mortality and infection rates, this article examines the policy response to COVID‐19 in care homes for older people in the UK, with particular focus on England in the first 10 weeks of the pandemic. The timing and content of the policyContinue reading “COVID‐19 and care homes in England: What happened and why?”

Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world

Jill Manthorpe and Steve Iliffe, BMJ, 18 January 2021 We need public and political consensus about long term options Our population is not ageing well. The proportion of older people affected by medium to high disability in England is increasing, but social care cannot meet their needs and seems curiously separate from the NHS. ItContinue reading “Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world”

Introduction of the exercise instructor role to support mobility and independence for elderly residents in a dementia care setting

A couple of years ago (2018) a senior support worker at a Belong Wigan care village led a project to introduce an exercise instructor role, after identifying best practice in this area. Belong is a charitable non-profit making care organisation whose ethos is ‘To support older people to live their own lives through the creationContinue reading “Introduction of the exercise instructor role to support mobility and independence for elderly residents in a dementia care setting”

When will we learn from history? – Community Living

Rose Trustam supported the Residential Forum. She spent over 40 years practising what she preached. In an extract from Community Living Magazine June 2020, she wrote… Our relatively recent past “My history in the North West followed a very positive strategy in Hertfordshire in the late 70’s  where as the Manager of a new 3-unitContinue reading “When will we learn from history? – Community Living”

Transforming Care – how can progress be improved

ADASS/Home Group Report : Transforming Care – how can progress be improved 02/12/20 It is nine years since the abuse of people with learning disabilities or autism or both at Winterbourne View came to light. This ADASS report, sponsored by Home Group, looks at the challenges in the current Transforming Care system and asks howContinue reading “Transforming Care – how can progress be improved”

Why we need a publicly owned care service

Residential Forum member Gillian Daley: The ‘problem of social care’ is currently perceived to be a problem of funding. As such, the funding question dominates policy-thinking and public debate. The central concern of this article, however, is broader. It focuses on the essential nature of social care, particularly its structure, quality and sectoral location –Continue reading “Why we need a publicly owned care service”