Time for Change

Conceptualising a National Care Framework“In conceptualising and designing a process to support the development of a NationalCare Framework, it is important to build an understanding of the current context. TheIndependent Review has achieved part of this in capturing the lived experience of people who access and people who provide care and support (which is theContinue reading “Time for Change”


The Common Weal Care Reform Group, & Smith, M. (2021). Common Weal’s Manifesto for a Social Care Service. Dundee University. AIMThe aim of the National Care Service should be to promote a caring society and to support and provide care to all who need it, free at the point of need.OBJECTIVESCare provision should be embeddedContinue reading “COMMON WEAL’S MANIFESTO FOR A NATIONAL CARE SERVICE”

Calls for new national care service for children, families and care experienced people

TACT – UK fostering charity, has published a paper urging the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care (IRCSC) to recommend that the DfE establish a ground-breaking new national care service – the National Care Family (NCF), covering fostering, adoption, kinship, residential, foster, and secure care. The proposed service would also take over responsibility for childrenContinue reading “Calls for new national care service for children, families and care experienced people”

The bridge of care:  from present reality to future hope

14th August 2021 by donald.macaskill We have to chase away the falsity of infection prevention practices which negate human living by treating a care home like an acute infection unit. Scottish Care source: https://scottishcare.org/18632-2/

More than a service: the essence of social care

17th July 2021 by donald.macaskill writes…. Two colleagues, Dr Tara French and Imogen Caird, have this past week published what I consider to be one of the best papers on social care reform in Scotland that I have read for a very long time. ‘Time for Change: Conceptualising a National Care Framework’ is not longContinue reading “More than a service: the essence of social care”

A residential child care worker’s Queen’s Speech

My lords and members of the House of Commons. My Government’s priority is to deliver a national recovery from the pandemic that makes the United Kingdom stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before. To achieve this, my Government will……….according to Jonathan Stanley and Ed Nixon,Friday, May 14, 2021 Read in full at CYP Now SourceContinue reading “A residential child care worker’s Queen’s Speech”

Adult social care: independent review

The Residential Forum makes some specific comments regarding what is said, or sometimes not said, in the Review about care homes in Scotland. Overall there is a lot in the Review that the Residential Forum welcomes, particularly the Human Rights approach. Of concern is that care homes continue to be portrayed as a service ofContinue reading “Adult social care: independent review”

Thinking about a National Care (Home) Service

The Residential Forum at the recent AGM took the opportunity to refresh itself on some of the issues around the ideas of a national approach to social care and what this may mean for care homes. It has been the topic of debate at Forum workshops in the past and members are keen that theirContinue reading “Thinking about a National Care (Home) Service”

Re: David Oliver: The crisis in care home supply – The long grass

Read the response of Residential Forum member Clive Bowman Unless such a radical approach is adopted we will continue to witness muddled thinking, choked hospitals, neglected elderly people and continued negativity Read Clive’s response in full here