Hospice is Both a Place and Way of Thinking — Demystifying Hospice

Hospice is a scary word and what does palliative really mean? Many people associate Hospice only with death and dying, but those that work in hospice palliative care know it is actually about comfort, wishes, and compassion. Hospice is both a place and a way of thinking.  Yes there is a two bed Hospice in […]Continue reading “Hospice is Both a Place and Way of Thinking — Demystifying Hospice”

Co-living: Dispelling the myths

Co-living is gaining momentum in the residential property sector, writes Colin Shenton of Oppidan Life (April 2021) If you haven’t already heard of co-living you are sure to over the coming months, as developers set their sights on Manchester and Salford. While the market seeks to define what co-living is and how it differs fromContinue reading “Co-living: Dispelling the myths”