Care home residents on multiple medications have an increased risk of falling

Falls among residents in UK care homes are commonplace. A new (November 2020) study examined whether multiple medications and drugs that act on the brain may contribute to the risk. Read in full at source NIHR Evidence: informative and accessible health and care research.

Fund specialist dementia training to improve care and save money

Louise Prime November GP training to reduce antipsychotic prescribing and better training for care home staff on person-centred care help to reduce agitation in people with dementia and improve their quality of life – as well as saving thousands of pounds a year, UK research has shown. The authors of the UK study* published todayContinue reading “Fund specialist dementia training to improve care and save money”

First-of-a-kind care home study reduces need for medication

Residents and colleagues from Cameron House Care Home in Bury have been involved in a unique research study with The University of Salford and body positioning equipment specialists, Simple Stuff Works. The study set out to see if night time positioning products could benefit adults with health conditions such as Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma andContinue reading “First-of-a-kind care home study reduces need for medication”

Our Invisible Addicts

The publication of Our Invisible Addicts in 2011 represented an important landmark in recognising the extent of substance-related health problems amongst older people and that the special service needs to deal with the complexity of such problems, which often involve co-morbid mental and physical health problems, polypharmacy and psychosocial adversity. Since then, our knowledge concerningContinue reading “Our Invisible Addicts”