The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within

…a surge in demand for accommodation that allows older people to feel safe and supported in their own homes. The attractiveness of the retirement living model in terms of its ability to flex access to care and health and wellbeing support is central to its success. Read the blog of Nick Edwards, chief operating officerContinue reading “The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within”

Care homes have long been neglected – the pandemic has shown us how bad things are

A topic of The Conversation Care homes have long been neglected, partly due to widespread privatisation and low levels of funding for social care. We should all hope that the coronavirus crisis marks a turning point – and a change that means care homes are finally given the funding, staffing and support they so desperatelyContinue reading “Care homes have long been neglected – the pandemic has shown us how bad things are”

Look beneath headlines – new homes are from small and new providers not from the large ones

NCERCC Blog Read in full at Source: Look beneath headlines – new homes are from small and new providers not from the large ones. – NCERCC

Seniors and staff caught in the middle of nursing homes’ quest for profit

The cycle of buying and selling care homes has led to shortcuts, closures, even fraud – and imperiled vulnerable residents’ health. Read in full here. Sourced from the Guardian July 2020: Elders in residence A series on the longstanding failures heightened by Covid-19 in American nursing homes. More from this series

Care homes need our support in the covid-19 era and beyond

David Oliver: in The BMJ, November 27, 2020 What do care homes have to do to get a break in England right now? Read in full at source:

We need to stop our children being monetised

From Bernadette Meaden’s Blog In September 2020 the Children’s Commissioner reported: “local authorities can pay extortionate amounts for residential care – usually more than £4,000 a week, with local authorities reporting that the costs of such placements are rising sharply.” When children are 16 or older they may go into ‘unregulated accommodation’, where they receiveContinue reading “We need to stop our children being monetised”

Care homes ‘could go to the wall’ as costs rise

dadziedaily: Mike Padgham, who runs four homes in North Yorkshire and is chairman of the Independent Care Group, said he was worried about the rising costs of the pandemic, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to extra staff to cover for those self-isolating as well as lost income from empty beds.  The  government is spending £600mContinue reading “Care homes ‘could go to the wall’ as costs rise”

Fixing Social Care, New funding, new methods, new partnerships

THE NEED TO RE-THINK A more rational and affordable care system will involve disrupting the market. But the result of that disruption, through methods such as insurance and government cost sharing, or pension-fund financing of care home provision, will be greater supply, greater sustainability and greater fairness. Public  sector  reforms  are  part  of  this:  forContinue reading “Fixing Social Care, New funding, new methods, new partnerships”

Changing role of care homes

© Bupa and Centre for Policy on Ageing 2011 by Nat Lievesley and Gillian Crosby (CPA) and Clive Bowman (Bupa) with a historical perspective by Eric Midwinter A pertinent read today as the public reflects on life and death in a care home during a pandemic In  brief, the historical continuum demonstrates that, over againstContinue reading “Changing role of care homes”