Retirement Housing UK Market Report

Strong potential for growth in retirement housing as interest in addressable market increases The first edition of LaingBuisson’s Retirement Housing UK Market Report focuses on specialist, purpose designed, self-contained accommodation exclusively to be occupied by the over 55s. Specifically, it covers age-exclusive ‘downsizer’ housing, retirement living and housing with care, giving a comprehensive overview ofContinue reading “Retirement Housing UK Market Report”

The sufficiency enigma

This short paper written by Independent Children’s Home Association’s deputy CEO, Elizabeth Cooper, is being shared in the hope of it stimulating further discussion between all parties looking to improve the sufficiency of care placements for children. The residential childcare sector is known to have insufficient capacity to meet the needs of the children comingContinue reading “The sufficiency enigma”

Care home concerns

“One from the Archive“, Community Care 2001. (Residential Forum) “The new inspection and regulation regime for care homes will mean a major shake-up of the sector. It will also cast light on the efficacy or otherwise of private public partnerships, says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.” “The aim is not to cause chaos in the sector but toContinue reading “Care home concerns”

The Case for Change – The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

The Case for Change is the Review’s early thinking about what needs to change in the children’s social care system. There is a lot in this for Residential Forum (England) members to consider some of the headlines on a first scan are: There are not enough homes in the right places with the right supportContinue reading “The Case for Change – The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care”

Responses to the Competitions and Market Authority Study on Childrens Social Care Provision

The CMA’s study was launched in March after concerns were raised by social work and social care leaders, including Chair of the Care Review Josh MacAlister, around the high profit margins of the private children’s home market. The watchdog invited from interested parties such as care and accommodation suppliers, local authorities, and looked-after and care-experiencedContinue reading “Responses to the Competitions and Market Authority Study on Childrens Social Care Provision”

Fractured and forgotten? The social care provider market in England

Covid-19 has highlighted many issues in the social care system in the last year, but providers of these vital services are still often ignored. This report highlights the systemic problems with the way the provider market for social care operates in England. Report Published: 16/04/2021 Download the report [PDF 508.9KB] Author Natasha Curry Author CamilleContinue reading “Fractured and forgotten? The social care provider market in England”

Three reasons retirement rental will save the care home sector

We are being forced to rethink the support and layer of care and crucially properties that sit underneath the care home market whether we like it or not. The provision of care homes and services across the UK is not equal. The supply of care beds varies hugely across the country and does not alwaysContinue reading “Three reasons retirement rental will save the care home sector”

Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre

Justice Committee – House of Commons This is a shocking read…. Conclusions and recommendations The litany of inaction and what one inspector called “utter incompetence” at Rainsbrook year after year provides a cautionary tale of how badly an arms-length relationship between the Ministry of Justice as a client and MTC as the company hired toContinue reading “Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre”

Why the market matters in adult social care (and what we can do about it)

Omar Idriss, Stephen Rocks, Simon Bottery If the adult social care market worked well, as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has explained in the case of care homes, it would match supply and demand, and people would make well-informed choices about how their care needs are met. Those working in the sector would beContinue reading “Why the market matters in adult social care (and what we can do about it)”

CMA study of children’s social care provision

The Competition and Markets Authority has launched a study of children’s social care provision to establish why a lack of availability and increasing costs could be leading to the needs of children in care not being met. The study will examine the lack of availability and increasing costs in children’s social care provision, including children’sContinue reading “CMA study of children’s social care provision”

COVID‐19 and care homes in England: What happened and why?

Mary Daly First published: 28 August 2020 Abstract In the context of very high mortality and infection rates, this article examines the policy response to COVID‐19 in care homes for older people in the UK, with particular focus on England in the first 10 weeks of the pandemic. The timing and content of the policyContinue reading “COVID‐19 and care homes in England: What happened and why?”

The long and the short of it

Care homes needs short term support to get through Covid-19 and a long-term plan afterwards says Simon Bottery. Asked in 1972 about the impact of the French Revolution, the Chinese leader Zhou Enlai is famously supposed to have said: ‘It is too early to tell’. Read the blog in full here at Care Talk:

Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world

Jill Manthorpe and Steve Iliffe, BMJ, 18 January 2021 We need public and political consensus about long term options Our population is not ageing well. The proportion of older people affected by medium to high disability in England is increasing, but social care cannot meet their needs and seems curiously separate from the NHS. ItContinue reading “Care homes: averting market failure in a post-covid-19 world”

Secure children’s home scheme aims to help young people ‘transition’ back into the community

An innovative new scheme could be launched at a secure children’s home to help young people transition back into their communities. Aycliffe Secure Centre, which is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, provides a secure and caring home for young people between the ages of 10 and 18 with a range of complex problems and vulnerabilities. ThisContinue reading “Secure children’s home scheme aims to help young people ‘transition’ back into the community”

The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within

…a surge in demand for accommodation that allows older people to feel safe and supported in their own homes. The attractiveness of the retirement living model in terms of its ability to flex access to care and health and wellbeing support is central to its success. Read the blog of Nick Edwards, chief operating officerContinue reading “The ‘housing-with-care’ sector and the investment opportunity within”