‘Ambitions for change’

Report on improving healthcare in care homes launched British Geriatrics Society, 10 August 2021 The British Geriatrics Society has published a report aimed at improving the quality of healthcare for care home residents. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on older people, with 35.6% of the 130,000 deaths in the UK occurring inContinue reading “‘Ambitions for change’”

Enforced restrictions to care home access—unfair, unnecessary, and harmful

July 15, 2021 Separating people with dementia from their families leads to emotional distress and can trigger the worsening of clinical symptoms, write Aida Suárez-González and Jules Storr. During the past year, while the mode of transmission of covid-19 was under intense debate and international discussion, untold harms were taking place as a result ofContinue reading “Enforced restrictions to care home access—unfair, unnecessary, and harmful”

Dying in lockdown

Tina Wallace has written a detailed and very personal account of her own day to day experiences, and those of her mother, living and finally dying in a care home, unable to have the normal interactions with friends and family. “The ties that bind are strong and so important. Losing them can literally be aContinue reading “Dying in lockdown”

‘Words come alive’

Des Kelly, Forum Trustee, on the launch of Bringing the Inside Out – a new book of poems uses the voice of people living with dementia  What a year 2020 turned out to be for everyone, especially those in the care home sector. Uplifting news has certainly been in short supply. How wonderful therefore toContinue reading “‘Words come alive’”

Consequences for the child welfare system in Catalonia

Daniel Ortega Ortigoza, November 2020 in the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care Introduction How has the lockdown affected residential centres for children and youths in Catalonia? Several months after the COVID-19 global pandemic began, and after measures were adopted by the governments of the affected countries, we can start to highlight many of theContinue reading “Consequences for the child welfare system in Catalonia”

COVID-19 ‘Lockdown Learnings’ – care homes share things they found helpful

My Home Life, November 24, 2020 Staff from a group of care homes have shared with us at My Home Life England some of the things they found helpful during the first lockdown of 2020. These ‘Lockdown Learnings’ may be of interest to other care homes. The thoughts of 12 care home managers and activityContinue reading “COVID-19 ‘Lockdown Learnings’ – care homes share things they found helpful”

Care Home Voices: A snapshot of life in care homes in Wales during Covid-19

What has it been like to live or work in a care home over the last few months? To be the friend or relative of a care home resident, and unable to visit them? The report is based on over 120 responses (received between 14 May and 05 Jun) from older people, their families andContinue reading “Care Home Voices: A snapshot of life in care homes in Wales during Covid-19”