“Because I Grew Up In An Orphanage”

I was raised in care of the state. I am neither proud of it or ashamed of it. I would like to live in a world where future care leavers don’t suffer long silences & superficial victim or bootstraps narratives…… Read this blog in full at… Benjamin Perks : Blogsite source: https://benjaminperksblog.home.blog/2019/08/19/because-i-grew-up-in-an-orphanage/ NB: This isContinue reading ““Because I Grew Up In An Orphanage””

A Forgotten Crisis: Adults who have been in Care Struggling with Poor Health and High Mortality

Sophia Alexandra Hall, 18 November 2021 “People who spent their childhoods in the UK’s care system are twice as likely to die prematurely, according to a report. Care leavers can often experience discrimination from both the state and from other people. They may face stigma or structural barriers that can have a long-term impact onContinue reading “A Forgotten Crisis: Adults who have been in Care Struggling with Poor Health and High Mortality”

Surviving and thriving as a care leaver

In conversation with Kim Emenike BY NIKKI ADEBIYI, FOUNDER @BOUNCE BLACK, 25 October 2021 Read the interview with care leaver Kim at… @BOUNCE BLACK source: https://bounceblack.org/2021/10/25/care-leaver-kim-emenike-interview/ Read more about Kim’s journey in and beyond care in her interview with the BBC here. Support resources for care leavers: BECOME: The charity for children and young peopleContinue reading “Surviving and thriving as a care leaver”

The Woman Fighting for Care Leavers’ Right to Housing

by Emily Goddard, November 2021 If you’ve been raised in the care system, it can be almost impossible to find a guarantor for a rental property. Mary-anne Hodd is changing that. There is a solution to the problems care leavers face when trying to move into independent rented accommodation, Hodd says. The idea came toContinue reading “The Woman Fighting for Care Leavers’ Right to Housing”

from independence to interdependence

“The leaving care process is awkward to write about; it’s difficult to talk about a young person leaving care, when some young people reflect that we don’t leave care, care leaves us. It’s difficult to write about moving into independence as this insinuates a reliance on self-sufficiency, on facing and going at the world alone.Continue reading “from independence to interdependence”

Walking in Fred’s shoes

Hearing and listening to the voice of the child To highlight the significance of the experience of a child, we created the fictional example of a young person called Fred and followed his journey from pre-birth to continuing care to help us to map and understand our current processes. Fred’s journey illustrated what his experienceContinue reading “Walking in Fred’s shoes”

Calls for new national care service for children, families and care experienced people

TACT – UK fostering charity, has published a paper urging the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care (IRCSC) to recommend that the DfE establish a ground-breaking new national care service – the National Care Family (NCF), covering fostering, adoption, kinship, residential, foster, and secure care. The proposed service would also take over responsibility for childrenContinue reading “Calls for new national care service for children, families and care experienced people”

The Supported Living Property Podcast

Lisa Brown discusses all things relating to Supported Living Property Investing. Visit website Available episodes: 3 days ago Chris Wild – The Care Review and property for young people In this episode Chris Wild talks about children’s care system and his concerns for the currently unregulated support provision for young people in care who areContinue reading “The Supported Living Property Podcast”

The Care Experienced ‘diaspora’

Jul 27, 2021 | Sean #CEP “A diaspora is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale. Typically characterised by the Jewish experience or those of Scots/Irish, African or Romany heritage. That is, large scale populations that have emigrated or dispersed and have most often become forever separated from their roots. IContinue reading “The Care Experienced ‘diaspora’”

Is it time for all policy to consider the needs of care leavers?

Posted on July 20, 2021 by Christine Garrington Every policy should take into account the needs of care-leavers, participants at the launch of a major new research report on outcomes from a childhood in care were told. The Nuffield Foundation funded study, which pushes forward the boundaries of knowledge by looking at what happens inContinue reading “Is it time for all policy to consider the needs of care leavers?”

“Could an Increased Focus on Identity Development in the Provision of Children’s Services Help Shape Positive Outcomes for Care Leavers?”

A Literature Review: Child Care in Practice: Vol 24, No 1, Published online: 16 Aug 2016, Lara Ferguson “Children’s Services in this review is taken to mean all agencies involved in the provision of services to children and young people in and leaving care. Although outcomes for children in care have improved in recent years,Continue reading ““Could an Increased Focus on Identity Development in the Provision of Children’s Services Help Shape Positive Outcomes for Care Leavers?””

It seems our government has decided some children don’t need care

New regulations aim to give better support to children in care. But, writes Carolyne Willow, it appears that support ends at 16. A year ago this week, the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, responded to a letter from the coroner who investigated the death of 17 year-old Jacob Bates. Jacob was one ofContinue reading “It seems our government has decided some children don’t need care”

Connectedness, Belonging and Children’s Homes to 21

Forum Member, Jonathan Stanley, 16/04/2014 Research consistently shows that leaving care before a young person is ready for independence tends to lead to poor outcomes. “Readiness” is the ability of looked after young people and care leavers to care effectively for themselves, and it covers a range of important, developmental areas: secure, positive social &Continue reading “Connectedness, Belonging and Children’s Homes to 21”

How to Engage Care Leavers in Care Reform

This guidance was developed by 25 Kenyan care leavers for anyone wanting to engage, collaborate or advocate for care leavers. This guidance is written for anyone who engages with care leavers about care reform. The overarching goal is that anyone involved in care reform finds useful messages and materials within these pages and will beContinue reading “How to Engage Care Leavers in Care Reform”