Partnerships for Progress

Ty Seren is a Residential Family Centre in Bridgend, South Wales that is operated by Partnerships for Progress (PfP). They “offer a service to families that face the prospect of children being removed from their parents’ care, but who, with the right support, may develop their abilities to continue to care for their children onContinue reading “Partnerships for Progress”

How registered managers can support and encourage learning at work

Support for registered managers From Skills for Care At the heart of every outstanding service is a manager who’s working hard to ensure that they can create a person-centred culture that delivers great, high-quality care. We understand that you’re going through incredibly challenging times at the moment, and everyone at Skills for Care is humbled byContinue reading “How registered managers can support and encourage learning at work”

Relationship-Centred Practice

First published in NAPA’s The Activity Providers Magazine (issue 1, summer 2021). We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a rough diamond’ to describe something  that has potential which is not immediately obvious at first look. The same could be said of human beings who do not have access to the best conditions for their self-development. Relationship-CentredContinue reading “Relationship-Centred Practice”

Changing the game: moving regulation from ‘rate and rank’ to ‘reflect and learn’

How can regulators & regulated organisations have more human relationships? … Katie Rose and Andy Brogan, March 2021 …regulators are encouraged to ‘rate and rank’ providers, framing regulation as a score to be kept (and so inadvertently turning the regulation relationship into a game to be played). Within regulated organisations, their own internal performance managementContinue reading “Changing the game: moving regulation from ‘rate and rank’ to ‘reflect and learn’”

Reaching out to the world: Improving palliative care in care homes

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) | EAPC Blog Research only makes an impact to benefit people if it is implemented, warns Professor Sheila Payne, Emeritus Professor, International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University, UK. Here, she explains how the findings of the European-funded PACE project have been adapted to a programme to improveContinue reading “Reaching out to the world: Improving palliative care in care homes”

Latest posts & projects from

The International Long-Term Care Policy Network has a list of resources to support community and institutional Long-Term Care responses to COVID-19. The latest posts include a study of care home visiting arrangement during COVID-19 and a project looking at the experiences and support needs of caregivers of assisted living residents.

COVID-19 ‘Lockdown Learnings’ – care homes share things they found helpful

My Home Life, November 24, 2020 Staff from a group of care homes have shared with us at My Home Life England some of the things they found helpful during the first lockdown of 2020. These ‘Lockdown Learnings’ may be of interest to other care homes. The thoughts of 12 care home managers and activityContinue reading “COVID-19 ‘Lockdown Learnings’ – care homes share things they found helpful”

Care Under the Rainbow Online learning materials and films for making #carehomes more inclusive for older LGBT+ people in England and Wales This project produced a research-informed online learning resource for care and nursing home staff and managers in England and Wales that communicates messages for informing practice from recent and current research on Lesbian,Continue reading

A Care Home Placement: Disappointment or Opportunity?

March 4, 2019 ~ mhnabertay Derek Baron, Director of Care at Erskine Care Homes… Having a placement in a Care home is such a disappointment, what on earth are you going to learn taking old people to the toilet and helping them to eat? Have you heard this said? Have you thought it when youContinue reading “A Care Home Placement: Disappointment or Opportunity?”

MOOC Social Pedagogy across Europe – Introductory Video Combining a series of short videos, further reading resources, quizzes, reflective questions and peer-led discussions, the MOOC is aimed at practitioners across all education and social care settings as well as (prospective) students. You can self-pace your progression through the 8 sessions. We’ve designed these to encourageContinue reading

A Teaching Care Home pilot

Apr 25, 2017 | REPORTS The Teaching Care Home, above all else, aimed to champion, empower and inspire the sector and create a legacy of learning for future care homes and nursing in the sector. The pilot is a Department of Health funded programme of work, led by Care England (the leading representative body forContinue reading “A Teaching Care Home pilot”

Virtual reality in health and social care

Edna Petzen, Residential Forum member I was impressed to see at a recent event the progress that is being made in the use of virtual reality in health and adult social care. As is the case in most other sectors, advancement is still in the early stages, but it was encouraging to see more organisationsContinue reading “Virtual reality in health and social care”

About Learning for the Fourth Age

We believe that you are never too old to learn. L4A works with 200 older people each year in #carehomes, nursing homes and their own homes to improve wellbeing through learning. Research shows that learning in the later stages of life can boost confidence, give a more positive outlook on life and delay on theContinue reading “About Learning for the Fourth Age”