Bill 203, More Than a Visitor Act (Caregiving in Congregate Care Settings), 2020 – Legislative Assembly of Ontario

EXPLANATORY NOTE The Bill enacts the More Than a Visitor Act (Caregiving in Congregate Care Settings), 2020 which requires the Minister to respect and promote certain rights for persons receiving care, support or services in congregate care settings and their designated caregivers.  The Minister is also required to safely integrate designated caregivers that were excludedContinue reading “Bill 203, More Than a Visitor Act (Caregiving in Congregate Care Settings), 2020 – Legislative Assembly of Ontario”

Regulation of healthcare M&A in United Kingdom | Lexology What are some of the primary laws and regulations governing or implicated in healthcare-related business combinations? Are healthcare assets subject to specific regulation that would be material in a typical transaction? Is law and regulation of healthcare national or subnational?

Health and safety in care homes

Care homes differ from other workplaces because they are not only places of work but are also homes for their residents. It is therefore important that they are pleasant places where the freedom and dignity of residents is respected, and where everyone’s health and safety is sensibly and effectively managed. They are owned and managedContinue reading “Health and safety in care homes”

New business guidance released for care homes

Temoor Iqbal writes about a new free online resource from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)  Further info from In the past few years, evidence has been mounting to suggest that UK society is ageing fast. A recent Government Office for Science report revealed that around 14% of us will be over 75 by theContinue reading “New business guidance released for care homes”

Using cameras or other recording equipment to check somebody’s care

Installing a hidden camera or other recording equipment in a care home or other care service is a big decision. It can affect people’s privacy and dignity. And it can have legal consequences as well. It could help set your mind at ease about the care your loved one receives or even help identify poorContinue reading “Using cameras or other recording equipment to check somebody’s care”

Care homes told to act now

27 November 2018 Care home providers should not delay in reviewing their operating systems and processes and terms and conditions of contract. It is likely that enforcement action will be swift and determined and will inevitably have a detrimental effect on businesses. Comprehensive advice and guidance has been issued by the Competition and Market AuthorityContinue reading “Care homes told to act now”

Consumer law advice sets out obligations for care homes

The CMA is providing advice so care homes understand their responsibilities under consumer law. The advice is being published as part of the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) ongoing consumer protection work into residential care homes and nursing homes for older people (over 65s). It follows the CMA’s examination of the sector last year, whichContinue reading “Consumer law advice sets out obligations for care homes”