House of Generations

First soil turned for a prototype of future care homes that mixes generations Sølund is an ambitious pioneering prototype for integrated urban nursing homes of the future which also acts as a driver for the development of Nørrebro district in Copenhagen. The building includes 360 nursing home units, 150 youth housing, and 20 senior homes,Continue reading “House of Generations”

A Practical Look at Intergenerational Living

The new Belong Villages in Chester features a bistro which is open to the public; and there is also a cinema, gym and hair salons. On the lower ground floor they worked with Ready Generations to incorporate a nursery as well as a daycare facility for people with dementia. Access to the nursery can beContinue reading “A Practical Look at Intergenerational Living”

What is an intergenerational care nursery like?

There are many well documented benefits of Intergenerational Care to children and the elderly, but what does it look like in practice? ​​Intergenerational care is a program that embraces the younger and older generations by providing care and activities in an environment shared between them. The benefits of an intergenerational care setting are immense forContinue reading “What is an intergenerational care nursery like?”

Should South Asian Parents be in UK Care Homes?

October 4, 2021, By Somia R Bibi In Desi families, placing South Asian parents in care homes is taboo. DESIblitz investigates whether this perceptive needs to change. In Desi homes, the importance of family, care and togetherness remains strong. It is no secret that care homes have been a taboo topic across many South AsianContinue reading “Should South Asian Parents be in UK Care Homes?”

How design can help care homes to embrace intergenerational living

28 Sep 2021 Article By: Melissa Magee, company director and architect, Carless + Adams After the last 18 months the benefits offered by intergenerational living need little explanation. The concept of different generations living together, sharing resources, skills and experience can help to build a robust community. Tackling isolation, providing support and keeping mentally andContinue reading “How design can help care homes to embrace intergenerational living”

Building a multi-generational neighbourhood

St Thomas’ Gardens, Stockport Dementia-friendly care facility, The Academy of Living Well, a 70-bed intermediate care and dementia facility is planned for the North-eastern end of the site. The Academy is a new facility which supports transitional care needs including; step up / step down, discharge to assess, rehabilitation and respite alongside dementia care inContinue reading “Building a multi-generational neighbourhood”

How the Power of Intergenerational Friendships Can Enhance the Lives of Those Residing in Care Homes

Neil Gandecha, Estate Manager at Foxholes Care Home ( 31 August 2021 writes… It’s no secret that the health and social care sector has been disrupted immeasurably throughout an unprecedented 18 months. Such a testing and unparalleled period has certainly heightened our sense of grief and, at times, seen us lose touch with reality. FromContinue reading “How the Power of Intergenerational Friendships Can Enhance the Lives of Those Residing in Care Homes”

Limelight – Old Trafford, Manchester

Limelight is a pioneering project which sits at the very heart of the Old Trafford master plan, a strategic development within Trafford Housing Trust’s vision to regenerate the area. The development integrates 81 extra care apartments into a development which also incorporates the relocation of two GP surgeries and associated health facilities, space for theContinue reading “Limelight – Old Trafford, Manchester”

In good company: the need for Homeshare and intergenerational living has never been greater

Caroline CookeDirector, Share and Care Homeshare 03/02/21 The pandemic has shown how loneliness and isolation affects everyone, with many people living alone feeling more cut-off than ever. The need for alternative accommodation solutions within the community has never been greater, and Homeshare initiatives demonstrate the positive role of intergenerational living. Read the blog in fullContinue reading “In good company: the need for Homeshare and intergenerational living has never been greater”

Radical and new plan needed on long-term care of aging population – Safeguarding Ireland

The need for a radical and new approach on providing long-term care to Ireland’s aging population has been highlighted, in a new report commissioned by Safeguarding Ireland. The report said there is an unresolved ‘generational conflict’ in how the cost of caring for older people will be funded. Questions on how this can be borneContinue reading “Radical and new plan needed on long-term care of aging population – Safeguarding Ireland”

A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal

There is one element of most stories that I have come to recognise however. The home provided values, patterns, discipline, in short: a foundation for life. In some ways the life in the home was institutional and therefore different from much family life: becoming a parent with your own children required a good deal ofContinue reading “A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal”

News | United For All Ages

NEW Together in the 2020s – twenty ideas for creating a Britain for all ages by 2030: download United for All Ages’ new report and news release, published on 7 January 2020 The report calls for care homes to become community hubs; for schools to extend their opening hours to provide community spaces for intergenerationalContinue reading “News | United For All Ages”

A design for later life – senior living and intergenerational communities – Blogs – Housing LIN …intergenerational community concept presents a layered urban community, focused around a hub for social, wellbeing and economic interaction. Residents of all housing types have access to a wealth of shared facilities; including market and event spaces, a library, asContinue reading

About – Care Campus Dumfries and Galloway

The original idea of a caring campus for Dumfries and Galloway came from the academic institutes within the Crichton Campus and has been discussed across several organisations since 2014. Two events took place in 2016 to explore how ‘The Crichton Care Campus’ may look.  The first, in October, was a public dissemination event – ‘Re-imaginingContinue reading “About – Care Campus Dumfries and Galloway”