Limelight – Old Trafford, Manchester

Limelight is a pioneering project which sits at the very heart of the Old Trafford master plan, a strategic development within Trafford Housing Trust’s vision to regenerate the area. The development integrates 81 extra care apartments into a development which also incorporates the relocation of two GP surgeries and associated health facilities, space for theContinue reading “Limelight – Old Trafford, Manchester”

Residential care: home, not a home

Simon Whalley, owner of the Outstanding-rated care home Birtley House, always told me that going into residential care should be a positive choice, and that people should think of this as moving home, not moving into a home. When you move home, you usually look at what’s happening in the local community, so that youContinue reading “Residential care: home, not a home”

Get real about integration!

Sharon Blackburn, the Policy and Communications Director of the National Care Forum, gives a care sector perspective on the realities of integration:  There is nothing new about integration. It has long been spoken about and many attempts have been made over many years to make it a reality. People who use services, the public, generallyContinue reading “Get real about integration!”