Places like home

A really good and significant blog from Lucy Series that warrants setting aside the time to read and digest…. (the opinion of the Residential Forum) “Home is not the same as being ‘homely’ or ‘homelike’ – it is not about murals or pictures or wallpaper or knick-knacks, tablecloths and doilies. It is not even aboutContinue reading “Places like home”

The Hogeweyk Dementia Village ~ care concept

Co-creators & game changers “The Hogeweyk® paved the way for a new way of care in The Netherlands and has become a great inspiration for others in world who are looking for humanizing care for the growing numbers diagnosed with dementia. Years of experience and gained knowledge results in a clear vision on the futureContinue reading “The Hogeweyk Dementia Village ~ care concept”

Community-based Care

Transition to community-based care: the role of the EU Hundreds of thousands of children, persons with disabilities, persons with mental health problems, homeless persons and older people across Europe continue to live in long-stay institutions where they face lives of social exclusion, poverty and labour market exclusion. In order to promote social inclusion of people withContinue reading “Community-based Care”

The Patients of Prestwich Mental Hospital in a Documentary Photo Series from 1972

“The Lunatic Asylums like Prestwich grew up in the same period as the industries,” writes Manchester academic Janet Batsleer, “and, like the industries, they closed.” Batsleer first visited Prestwich, where her mother was a patient, in 1972, the year Martin Parr began his first visual essay series at the hospital as a young photography studentContinue reading “The Patients of Prestwich Mental Hospital in a Documentary Photo Series from 1972”

A New Way Home (Scottish Edition)

…a personalised approach to leaving institutions Scottish Edition by Frances Brown and John Dalrymple. Published by the Centre for Welfare Reform in association with Citizen Network Preface ‘… the difficulty of bringing people back home once they have been placed a long way away is so great that every effort should be made to avoidContinue reading “A New Way Home (Scottish Edition)”

When will we learn from history? – Community Living

Rose Trustam supported the Residential Forum. She spent over 40 years practising what she preached. In an extract from Community Living Magazine June 2020, she wrote… Our relatively recent past “My history in the North West followed a very positive strategy in Hertfordshire in the late 70’s  where as the Manager of a new 3-unitContinue reading “When will we learn from history? – Community Living”

New institutionalisation following acute hospital admission: a retrospective cohort study

Age and Ageing, Volume 46, Issue 2, 1 March 2017, Pages 238–244, Published: 15 October 2016                                      Abstract Background institutionalisation following acute hospital admission is common and yet poorly described, with policy documents advising against this transition.Continue reading “New institutionalisation following acute hospital admission: a retrospective cohort study”