Alternatives to institutional care for older people

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A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal

There is one element of most stories that I have come to recognise however. The home provided values, patterns, discipline, in short: a foundation for life. In some ways the life in the home was institutional and therefore different from much family life: becoming a parent with your own children required a good deal ofContinue reading “A Foundation for Life – The Therapeutic Care Journal”

Spotting a ‘closed culture’ – CQC inspections – RadcliffesLeBrasseur The Care Quality Commission (‘CQC’) has produced guidance (‘Guidance’) for their inspection teams and Mental Health Act reviewers to assist them in identifying ‘closed cultures’ at the earliest opportunity and to take appropriate action to prevent recurrence of the abuse exposed at Whorlton Hall.

Hutton Poplars: My Childhood Home

By Leslie Stromboli  Heaven knows, I am not a writer – just ask Janet and John! – but there have been occasions when I’ve been talking about my past with friends and family and it’s been suggested that I write about Hutton Poplars. When I looked online I found that historical and factual information aboutContinue reading “Hutton Poplars: My Childhood Home”

Lancashire Learning Disability Institutions

A people’s history of institutional life  Lancashire Learning Disability Institutions is an oral history resource full of stories, memories, photographs and documents about those who lived, worked or had family members in long-stay NHS hospitals in Lancashire in North West England. Here you will find first hand accounts of life in institutions such as Brockhall,Continue reading “Lancashire Learning Disability Institutions”