Five features to look for in a care home and why

Written by Jenny Kartupelis posted on: January 29, 2021 We have all become well aware of the terrible effects of Covid-19 on care homes for older people – not only the tragic loss of life, but also the way in which the necessary precautions have exacerbated the potential problems to be found in residential settings. Continue reading “Five features to look for in a care home and why”

Tubbemodellen | Changemakers

The Tubbe model is a housing model that was developed to give elderly people power to control their daily living at home. Some of the unique characteristics of this model are how the elderly are included at all levels in planning and decision making to ensure control and quality in their own living conditions. EmployeesContinue reading “Tubbemodellen | Changemakers”

New ways of working in adult care services

New ways of working in adult social care services. In this packed but readable guide we have drawn together some of the many new ideas and approaches from across our vibrant, innovative and forward looking sector. It includes new ways for services to work together locally, digital applications, innovation in care practice, and a lookContinue reading “New ways of working in adult care services”

Robotics in Social Care: A Connected Care EcoSystem for Independent Living

In this white paper, the UK-RAS Network looks at the emerging crisis in UK social care and presents their vision for creating a connected care ecosystem linking home, residential and hospital care as a continuum. It points out that a priority for the UK government is to care for older people and those living withContinue reading “Robotics in Social Care: A Connected Care EcoSystem for Independent Living”