Care homes and the spread of COVID-19

Care homes and the spread of COVID-19 | PSSRU Many of us will have relatives and friends that live or work in a care home and so we will have some idea of what is going on within them during the pandemic through both this and the increasing press coverage. As we hear the newsContinue reading “Care homes and the spread of COVID-19”

Care homes ‘could go to the wall’ as costs rise

dadziedaily: Mike Padgham, who runs four homes in North Yorkshire and is chairman of the Independent Care Group, said he was worried about the rising costs of the pandemic, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to extra staff to cover for those self-isolating as well as lost income from empty beds.¬† The ¬†government is spending ¬£600mContinue reading “Care homes ‘could go to the wall’ as costs rise”

Infection outbreaks in care homes: prevention and management

Conclusion People in care homes share the same food, air and living spaces, so they also share infectious agents, and outbreaks happen easily. Care home residents are more vulnerable to infectious agents and at increased risk of developing serious infections, with potentially life-threatening consequences, so it is imperative (and part of the duty of care)Continue reading “Infection outbreaks in care homes: prevention and management”

Infection outbreaks in care homes: prevention and management Care home residents share air, space, food and equipment, so they also share organisms that can easily cause infection outbreaks, such as viruses and bacteria. They are also more prone and vulnerable to infections, which can lead to death. Care home staff therefore need to be adequatelyContinue reading