The bridge of care:  from present reality to future hope

14th August 2021 by donald.macaskill We have to chase away the falsity of infection prevention practices which negate human living by treating a care home like an acute infection unit. Scottish Care source:

Enforced restrictions to care home access—unfair, unnecessary, and harmful

July 15, 2021 Separating people with dementia from their families leads to emotional distress and can trigger the worsening of clinical symptoms, write Aida Suárez-González and Jules Storr. During the past year, while the mode of transmission of covid-19 was under intense debate and international discussion, untold harms were taking place as a result ofContinue reading “Enforced restrictions to care home access—unfair, unnecessary, and harmful”

Designated settings for people with COVID-19 leaving hospital

28 April 2021 CQC is continuing to work with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), local authorities and individual care providers to provide assurance of safe and high-quality care in designated settings, which are part of a scheme to allow people with a COVID-positive test result to be discharged safely from hospitals. TheseContinue reading “Designated settings for people with COVID-19 leaving hospital”


A SOCIAL MODEL OF SOCIAL CARE The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a significant health care response centred around the preservation of life through robust infection prevention and control (IPC). One of the challenges in this has been to ensure that the distinctive elements of social care have not been lost amidst this focus. I haveContinue reading “CORE PRINCIPLES FOR A HUMAN RIGHT TO SOCIAL CARE”

“How-to Guide” on Care Home Visits after 2 December 2020

John’s Campaign’s The Guidance in force after 2 December 2020 is available here and can be used to remind care home providers of their legal obligations. The Guidance provides that: Blanket bans on visits are not permitted. Care Homes must carry out individualised risk assessments regarding visits in line with their legal obligations underContinue reading ““How-to Guide” on Care Home Visits after 2 December 2020”

Care homes need our support in the covid-19 era and beyond

David Oliver: in The BMJ, November 27, 2020 What do care homes have to do to get a break in England right now? Read in full at source:

Hot Homes are Not Homes…

As part of the 2020 adult social care winter plan, the government has called on local authorities and care providers to establish “stand-alone units” – so-called “hot homes” – that would be able to receive and treat Covid hospital patients while they recover from the disease – Samuel Lovett in the Independent 28 October 2020Continue reading “Hot Homes are Not Homes…”

What have other countries taught us about COVID-19 in care homes?

“There are many lessons that the Government must learn”, was the conclusion of a scathing report from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee published in July into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on care homes. By freelance social care writer Eleanore Robinson

Care Home Infection Control Top Tips

Published: 2020-08-06, NWADASS The purpose of this guide is to highlight some of the ways in which residential and nursing homes have responded to the current Covid-19 pandemic in order to ensure that residents are safe, needs continue to be met and wellbeing is promoted, in what is very challenging and difficult circumstances. Download ShareContinue reading “Care Home Infection Control Top Tips”