Digital Home project

You can download an app and virtually explore The Home – a fictional residential care home provider. Meet the residents and staff, play games, watch short films and even cross the portal to explore what a Japanese care home is like. ⁠ Head over to to find out more! ⁠ Source:


Theatre matters. The world may be reeling under an apparently unceasing rain of disasters and setbacks – global warming, the Covid pandemic, political and religious extremism, racial tensions, gender issues, social injustice and economic exploitation – but theatre still has a way of zeroing in on core issues like no other form of communication. TheContinue reading “THE DIGITAL HOME”

The Home – Christopher Green

Enter the world of a fictional residential care home in this large-scale experimental show by Christopher Green. The Home is a 48-hour immersive experience which gives participants an opportunity to discover the problems and pleasures of being cared for in a communal setting, and explores the care home as a place of reinvention and possibility. Logistically, TheContinue reading “The Home – Christopher Green”