A Unique Children’s Hospice that Combines Zen and Christian Principals

Tim Langdell – Academia.edu – 2015 The hard, cold fact is that in our society children are apparently not “meant” to die: yet on average every day, in Southern California alone, a child dies of cancer or some other terminal disease, often dying in agony arising from our society’s obsession with cure over comfort, andContinue reading “A Unique Children’s Hospice that Combines Zen and Christian Principals”

Covid-19: A Swedish care home doctor’s perspective

This post written by a care home doctor who works in a small Swedish town. In other words, he is responsible for the wellbeing of frail elderly people living in care homes. He has treated a lot of patients with covid-19. Since the situation may be different in some other countries, it is useful toContinue reading “Covid-19: A Swedish care home doctor’s perspective”