Memories, identity and homeliness: the social construction of mealtimes in residential care homes in South Wales

Abstract Mealtimes in residential care homes are fundamentally social occasions, providing temporal structure to the day and opportunities for conversation and companionship. Food and drink are imbued with social meanings and used to express and create relationships between people. There is a dearth of research exploring care home residents’ mealtime experiences in the United Kingdom.Continue reading “Memories, identity and homeliness: the social construction of mealtimes in residential care homes in South Wales”

‘Knowing me, knowing you’

An exploration of the views and experiences of nursing home residents and staff on their nursing home as ‘home’ Published online by Cambridge University Press:  08 July 2021 Assumpta A. Ryan and Kevin Moore Abstract The overall aim of this grounded theory study was to explore the context of a nursing home as ‘home’ from theContinue reading “‘Knowing me, knowing you’”

“Feeling at Home”

Professor Christine Bigby, co-author of ‘Group Homes for People with Intellectual Disabilities’ (2009), introduces the Feeling at Home webinar on research and policy relating to the concept of ‘homeliness’ as a feature of group homes for people with learning disabilities. Watch on YouTube:

Places like home

A really good and significant blog from Lucy Series that warrants setting aside the time to read and digest…. (the opinion of the Residential Forum) “Home is not the same as being ‘homely’ or ‘homelike’ – it is not about murals or pictures or wallpaper or knick-knacks, tablecloths and doilies. It is not even aboutContinue reading “Places like home”

Getting hospital discharge right

Home to the unknown – key findings “In our day to day engagement, through our operations, we see many examples of good practice initiatives including Multi Agency Discharge Events (MADE), Discharge to Assess (D2A), Home First and hospital – or community-based hospital – multidisciplinary discharge teams. Many are working in successful partnerships with the voluntaryContinue reading “Getting hospital discharge right”

Older Australians need more housing choices

Keryn Curtis, October 16, 2020 “…cohousing needs to be a serious option in the housing mix and it needs to be supported by planning policy and business leadership.” More choices needed With due respect to the retirement village industry, the reality is, if you are living in your family home and would like to ‘rightsize’Continue reading “Older Australians need more housing choices”

House of Generations

First soil turned for a prototype of future care homes that mixes generations Sølund is an ambitious pioneering prototype for integrated urban nursing homes of the future which also acts as a driver for the development of Nørrebro district in Copenhagen. The building includes 360 nursing home units, 150 youth housing, and 20 senior homes,Continue reading “House of Generations”

A place we can call home

A vision and a roadmap for providing more options for housing with care and support for older people Published: 15 November 2021 This report for commissioners and managers in health and social care develops a vision and roadmap for providing more options for housing with care and support. It is the result of the researchContinue reading “A place we can call home”

yamazaki kentaro’s hospice in japan wins GOOD DESIGN award 2021

Kawamura hospice in Japan offers warmth to the terminally ill yamazaki kentaro has designed a hospice facility in Japan that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings. the newly unveiled establishment plays an intermediate role between a home and a hospital, providing palliative care for terminally-ill cancer patients. The design seeks to generate a warm environmentContinue reading “yamazaki kentaro’s hospice in japan wins GOOD DESIGN award 2021”

Barrier Free Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare aims to make care facilities a ‘living place’ for people with disabilities The Japanese government intends to make residential care facilities a form of “living place” and promote the transition of residents to the community and the use of private rooms. Read the story in full and the blogContinue reading “Barrier Free Japan”


Theatre matters. The world may be reeling under an apparently unceasing rain of disasters and setbacks – global warming, the Covid pandemic, political and religious extremism, racial tensions, gender issues, social injustice and economic exploitation – but theatre still has a way of zeroing in on core issues like no other form of communication. TheContinue reading “THE DIGITAL HOME”

‘Care 2030’ Vision Paper

Six key priorities or ‘building blocks’ for better care so everyone can age well are set out in a new paper, ‘Care 2030’, published by the independent charity, Hallmark Foundation. Hallmark Foundation has committed to backing Care Home Open Week in 2022 following its success earlier this year. The foundation is one of the foundingContinue reading “‘Care 2030’ Vision Paper”

Help: Channel 4 drama examines ‘undervalued’ care workers during pandemic

By Steven McIntosh Entertainment reporter 16 September 2021 A full and helpful preview of the Channel 4 docu-drama recently screened. If you have not viewed it then go to “Catch-Up”. (Residential Forum) BBC News source:

Home For Good: Successful community support for people with a learning disability, a mental health need and autistic people

Community support for people with a learning disability and/or autistic people can be a complex process. Even more so if people also have a mental health need. Success depends on a concerted effort across multiple agencies working in partnership with the people supported and their families. However, it can and does work, delivering a goodContinue reading “Home For Good: Successful community support for people with a learning disability, a mental health need and autistic people”

Hospice is Both a Place and Way of Thinking — Demystifying Hospice

Hospice is a scary word and what does palliative really mean? Many people associate Hospice only with death and dying, but those that work in hospice palliative care know it is actually about comfort, wishes, and compassion. Hospice is both a place and a way of thinking.  Yes there is a two bed Hospice in […]Continue reading “Hospice is Both a Place and Way of Thinking — Demystifying Hospice”